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  1. With me there, you know there will be enough catfish for that fish fry.
  2. New personal best 24lb 10oz beauty from Lake Storey.
  3. The extended forecast is looking pretty good for this event!
  4. On Father's Day my son, daughter and I decided to hit the lake for the day. After we arrived we all got set up and were enjoying the morning. It was about 45 minutes and Collin caught the first fish, about a 5lb common. As the day went on the bite picked up and we were landing several fish in the 9 to 13 pound range. I soon had another run, picked up my rod and set the hook. The fish took off to the left towards my daughter's lines. As I was working this fish back away from Kira's lines it decided to take some line and head back. I could see her lines move, which caused her alarms to go off. S
  5. Looking forward to this. Hopefully I will do a bit better than the fall session. Regardless it's a good time.
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