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  1. Yes they are, as long as you choose delivery by regular mail. They have the best uk prices and they automatically take out the VAT.
  2. They shouldn't charge anybody any fee. When the shipper in UK gets a shipping estimate from Fedex, that should be it. If the US government has a problem with the merchandise, they should send us a bill, that way will know it's a real fee. I bought a lot of stuff from Europe and Australia, always used post office, NEVER got charged a dime by the post office. I bought a used book for 4$ from Canada and UPS wanted a 20$ "Mafia" fee? Really? I never gave them a cent. I don't mind paying customs taxes or any taxes as a matter of fact, I do mind paying them to a private company
  3. Yes and no. For example, Nafta says that if a product imported from UK into the US has paid import customs taxes, it is exempt from customs taxes if imported into again into Canada from the US. But again, laws don't apply to the Fedex and UPS thing, they will charge you a fee for themselves, not for the government.
  4. I am 99.99% happy with carpkit. Very nice guys and they have great stuff for sale. My only issue with them is that they only ship UPS and no matter how little stuff you buy, or how light it is, shipping starts at 15$. Sometimes I buy a pack of hooks and those can go in an envelope at 2-3$ shipping costs, so when it comes to small stuff, I go BCT
  5. Fedex and sometimes UPS slam you with that so called "import taxes fee" . It has nothing to do with the US Customs or the government, It is a mafia style tax that these 2 companies hit you with. The best proof is the fact that they do it with stuff you buy from Canada, when the NAFTA treaty obviously forbids that. I also have friends in Canada and when they buy stuff from the US and use Fedex or UPS, same thing happens to them. Solution ? ANything you buy from abroad, Canada, Europe, Antarctica, only accept and choose shipping by post offices . No Fedex and no UPS. Johnson is a very good tackle company but they refuse to ship by mail, the best alternative IMHO is harrissportsmail.
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