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  1. Good stuff guys.Hope to get more familiar with the history myself .Appreciate the posts all
  2. Great read for sure.... What is the name of the book where this piece came from? Would love to read it and see if there is some other similar info written around to see if there's something to back it to some degree.Seems then one can really understand the facts better and then this info "may" also have some back bone in a conversation if it were ever to arise with folks who don't understand why we fish for carp.Just a thought.Not an expert on the subject.
  3. I'm in MN and I've hit the ponds right after ice out.Focusing on areas where drains are coming in. Seems to work for me
  4. Guess it depends on whose checking up on you
  5. What kinds of waters do you guys like fishing in? For me: - Rivers are #1 -Drainage ponds #2 (no pun intended) -Lakes are more difficult I think for carp at least out my way it has been. -Would like to try a golf course pond one day.
  6. Hey fellas, Getting the spring itch too.Been passing the time reading carp forums lol.Hope the river is at a fair level when spring comes for open water fishing.
  7. Never thought to use one of those bobbers with the stick/peg in the middle fishing for Carp.I use them sometimes when ice fishing but never on open water yet. Anyways, as the last guy said keep it simple.If you do use night crawlers,the whole or sometimes using only half the worm works. Also,I've done this thing I like to call the helicopter. I will sometimes break the crawler in half and place both on the hook.This way you have two things moving around vs just one whole crawler.A lot of times it's a process till you find what they want for that day and place.Just something I do when the carp
  8. I like the wagon/cart your pulling, the chair with the side table is nice too.
  9. Thinking of doing same.Still using a regular net. lol
  10. You crank out some good stuff lyubaka. Love the mud puppy vid from a page back.That thing looked like a snake.lol Must be fun getting those suckers under the ice too.
  11. Wow! beautiful is right.Congrats on that catch.
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