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  1. Did you check Mudhole tackle they seem to have everything. I prefer full cork handles FYI.
  2. I think I'll be fishing by next weekend. I'm avoiding saying the name of the lake because of the Bowfishers! Don't want them poaching my fish! The fish in chayathecats avatar was caught there
  3. The lake in question is not in Litchfield its closer to Glencoe. Its my backyard at our "lake house" we officially still livecin Litchfield to take care of the in laws but spend a lot of time out at the lake. By fall all we used were boilies.
  4. You should come up and fish the lake I live on. We had an official fish in and several unofficial ones with guys coming down from the cities to fish. The biggest one we landed was 28 lbs but we lost bigger ones. The average is in the high teens I think out of a couple hundred fish I only saw two under 10 lbs.
  5. Oh it's a big deal being called a newbie....so humiliating ?
  6. How's the fishing in PA around the end of March? I'm going home to Maine to visit. Driving from Minnesota.

  7. Where's the new content button??? How do I find anything to read??? Go thru every thread?
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