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  1. Brian. I have cut my teeth on your videos over the years. They have been my go to when it comes to everything relating to catching carp. From how to tie a rig, to bait prep. I've spent hours watching and learning from you. Thank you
  2. My catch rate/numbers were down for several years when I switched over to hair rigs, alarms, rods, reels, bait/baiting fishing for carp. I was frustrated and almost gave up until I decided to take a look at the things the above poster mentioned. Not saying I got it, but I am getting it. I believe that the fish were not use to seeing it either on my local river.. Some are getting it now. It was well over two years before I caught a carp on a boilie on my local river. Details are important, unlike all the years I fished with the simplest of setups such as a hook fill with corn, and most times threaded several kernels up past the hook up and on the line. Lost a few poles, line broke, burn up a few zebco 33's, but had fun. Do what makes fishing fun. Bottom line. When that stops, so do I.
  3. I have been planning a trip to Sneedville and this would top it off. When?
  4. Renewed my membership, that should take care of it.
  5. Paul. Thanks for the quick reply. I will take a look at 2015 information. As far as the membership, I am and have been a member for several years. No matter. I will get another membership if needed. My facebook is under James David Bartlett Reynolds.
  6. can I see the rules, venue, map, or any other information I need to enter?
  7. May want to consider above the dam. They put in a really nice paved walkway all the way to the bait shop. Bunny's Bait.
  8. Sorry for having to post my question on this thread. Why am I a guest? why can I post here, but not on say the Wis. 2 rivers thread, or some others?
  9. Big Ones! Imagine that was fun.
  10. Guys I am going to fish Lake Storey rather than the Big Four this Saturday. Maybe next time. My apologies for the late pullout. I am in hopes that someone that may have wanted to fish it can now join in the fun. JDR
  11. I have a question about putting this on my reels. I read that a backing such as mono should be used due to the possibility of slippage. Or placing double sided tape on the spool. I can't get it in my head why or how it would slip with say 300 yards of line on it. I am also hesitant to put it on my line for a couple of reasons. 1) Again I read that there needs to be a good bit of tension on the line while spooling it on the reel? Any suggestions on how to do that would be appreciated. 2) Other than eyeballing the line on the spool how does one know how many yards are on the spool? I have 1200yrds and 4 reels and would like to have 300yrds on each reel. Don't know of any way to get an accurate measurement on each reel. Suggestions? Thanks in advance. JDR
  12. Frank. Sounds good to me. I need to pick up a few things from Wacker Bait and Tackle on Friday, and plan to continue on to Milwaukee and stay the night. Looking forward to having a fun day. JDR
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