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  1. iPhone 10 XR October 3 2020 Delaware River, NJ Ryan Munn A misty morning. The calm before the chaos.
  2. Download the app “Photo Timer+“ from the App Store. I use it all the time. Allows customized delay up to 60 seconds and can take multiple photos at once.
  3. My mom’s name is listed, Susanne Munn. Could you change that to Ryan Munn? Had to use her credit card to pay, LOL
  4. Not sure how you guys do it... but congrats! You’ve got a magical swim on your hands!
  5. Gamakatsu hooks are good, but I’ve been using Korda Wide Gape XX (XX meaning extra extra thick wiring). I tried using their regular wide gape hooks and they were bent straight. Could have been a sturgeon..? I dunno. Gamakatsu (especially circle hooks) should be OK.
  6. I find that on rivers, often the simpler the rig the better. Don't worry about the complexity or trying to "outsmart" the fish, just make sure the rig is able to withstand the conditions of the river. A simple hair rig or blowback rig can work wonders; it's most important to make sure it can withstand the current. I would recommend 20lb mono, depending on how rocky you're talking about. Also, the thickest (not necessarily largest) wire gauge hooks possible. I fish the Delaware River in NJ, and I've had Korda wide gape hooks bent COMPLETELY straight in the mouth of a river carp! You need strong
  7. Clarification for rule 11: “For the first 72 hours, only entries will be accepted where the CAG Fall Big 4 logo is on a cell phone or similar...” Does that mean it CANNOT be printed, on a scale for example? Why not?
  8. Awesome fish dude! Glad to see you’re enjoying the wonderful world of carp. The CT river holds many 30+ fish so your goal of a 25 is definitely doable. Good luck!!
  9. That’s exactly how the fish were behaving! Sucking the surface, tail slapping and jumping. I do think a fly rod would have been very effective.
  10. I was in south NJ on the Delaware river. We’ve had a really hot spring, the hatch probably happened early. How long does it last? I don’t want them to be distracted by the hatch and avoid my baits! I’m planning on baiting up with maize daily this Thursday through Sunday. Is it possible that a baiting campaign could get them feeding on the bottom again? Sorry to be long winded; I’m planning a long session next week and would love it if I didn’t blank!
  11. I went out fishing today for the first time this year. I had prebaited yesterday and showed up at the same time again today. Heavy storms were rolling in and the air pressure was extremely low, 29.3! I was very confident in catching fish: Overcast skies, light rain on a quiet shallow bay isolated from the main river current... sounds perfect, right? Not only did I end in a blank, but the most confusing part was that the carp were showing all over my swim near the surface. They weren’t spawning, as water temps are only 55F, but they were jumping often and their tails were sticking out of t
  12. Can't agree more. Water temps on the Delaware River were ten degrees below average and fell below 50F two weeks earlier than usual. I can't believe so many great fish were caught! Congratulations to all, and thanks to staff for running the event.
  13. Went out again today, got a nice high double. Not the thirty I needed but I’ll take it over a blank.
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