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  1. Well I'm unable to make this due to work, but looking forward to the updates as they come! I bet long term, this becomes the Midwest version of the ATC.
  2. So, I tried, alas, no luck. No one wanted to switch out on a weekend day! Sucks...I REALLY was hoping to do this:(
  3. Jerome, from a thread in the "carp locally" section detailing Michigan events for the coming year, these dates are listed: May: 2nd annual Holland Carp Classic. 2 day competitive event. May 17th & 18th. I'm not a competitive angler, but If I'm not up at our camp that weekend, I'll almost certainly make the drive over to Holland at least one day and just hang out, maybe act as "hired gun" net boy:D
  4. Ah crap, I'm working that weekend. I'd have loved to come, and catch up with everyone!
  5. Nightwing

    online again!

    Deer, bear, bigfoot:D
  6. Nightwing

    online again!

    Yep Dru, that is me! Still work there (G.R. store). Just not been doing as much fishing lately, way more hunting!
  7. Nightwing

    online again!

    Wow...realized I was a year off, it was TWO years ago I was last here.....no wonder I don't recognize anyone!
  8. I grew up north of Big Rapids, worked for the local parks, and know that place well;) Kev, Sarah and I fished there several years ago, but our results were nothing like that(I think Kev. took big fish with one around 19lbs, and I was just behind him). I've caught fish into the mid to upper 30's at Newaygo St. Park, and a few really big ones below Croton when steelhead fishing(on spawn sacks), but due to having to pay to camp, never put alot of time in at the park there. LOVE the venue though, and always thought it would make a wonderful fishin location! Glad to see new folks carrying on there!
  9. Nightwing

    online again!

    I've not been here in I'd guess, a year? Dunno...just moved on to other things, non-carpy. Then in July last year, my old computer died and in the process of slowly getting links back, I just never got around to this one. A couple of you of course, I keep up on facebook, but mainly I've been doing the trout/salmon/steelhead thing when I fish at all, hunting, and of course, "Finding Bigfoot"... Anyway, was thinking the last few days I needed to drop back on and catch up, maybe i"ll even break out the rods this summer, we'll see. I'm guessing the winter get-together is already past(if it happened at all, never saw anything noted about it on anyone's FB)... Edited to add...wow, even my picture is gone! I'll have to get something up other then a formless silhouette:D
  10. Sorry I've not been around much, but unless something comes up, I'll be there!
  11. I've already killed one furry animal:D Nice to see you in the saddle again also!
  12. Thanks Andy. If it's a matter of man-hours, let me know., as I'd be willing to help add them if it's a matter of time or admin function familiarity(I have both:)) )
  13. Thats fine Louis, but why limit what states have sub-forums? CA, WI, and MI jump to mind as states as active as those listed, and I'd suspect I missed a few! It only takes a few seconds to add or edit a forum on here(I admin boards that run the same software). Curious is all.
  14. Just wondered why only a handful of states listed for the public view here. I can't imagine it was based on carping popularity or member input, as our Michigan group is very robust and active? Also...given that Michigan(and I'd guess others) have their own forums...how about a pinned link at the top for those sites? That way, if a states does not have a specific forum here, but has a stand alone club or site, it both provides the same service as a forum here and possibly fosters greater interaction between those individual sites/clubs and the CAG. Just a thought;) (edited for clarity and speeeeeeling).
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