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Protect Dale Hollow Reservoir!


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Please write to Tennessee email FishingReg.Comments@tn.gov to propose protecting trophy carp from being taken from Dale Hollow Reservoir and sold to other lakes. 

Here is my letter. Please feel free to write your own response or copy from mine:


The rapid growth in the catch and release of trophy carp has brought anglers to Dale Hollow Reservoir in search of its remarkable, trophy sized fully scaled mirror carp. Carp anglers come from all over North America as well as parts of Europe often fishing for periods from a few days to 1-3 weeks at a time. The anglers spend significant tax dollars and often rent house boats to access key areas of the reservoir. They bring significant economic opportunity to TN & KY by extending the business opportunities before and after the regular tourist season (April, May and Sept, Oct & Nov).


Paul Hunt of Canada with a Dale Hollow Fully Scaled Mirror Carp

Unfortunately it has come to our attention that commercial operations are catching and removing trophy carp (possibly catfish & as well) from Dale Hollow then transporting the live fish for sale to small ‘paylakes’ and ponds in North Carolina and other states. This is not only detrimental to the stocks of trophy carp in Dale Hollow but also brings the risk of transporting unwanted species or invasives such as zebra mussels or hydrilla, especially as these commercial operations are also taking & moving live fish from other lakes and rivers around the USA.

We would propose introducing restrictions on the taking and movement of common carp (especially of trophy size over 30”) to protect the long term fishing & economic prospects of common carp fishing in Dale Hollow Reservoir. The unique nature of the fully scaled mirror carp in Dale Hollow makes them a very valuable resource. The taking of common carp over 30” has been shown to rapidly diminish the number of trophy fish in a water. 

Trophy common carp are usually considered to be fish in excess of 30 inches.  They can reach weights in excess of 50lb and may be upwards of 15-20 years in age. Catch & Release anglers go to great lengths to ensure the care and safe handling of these trophy fish to ensure they can be released to grow bigger and bring pleasure to other anglers in the future.  

In Europe catch and release fishing for trophy carp is now worth an estimated US$ 7 billion.

We hope you will consider introducing regulations to limit or prevent the taking of trophy common carp from Dale Hollow Reservoir. I would be happy to help answer any questions you might have in relation to trophy carp fishing or proposed regulations.









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Will do. Photo link isn't working for me. Any way what it can be available to forward to the commissioners? They would be the best people to contact to start.

Link for contact info for the commissioners who have a big part in setting regulations.


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