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  1. Mo, I have been strongly considering the merits of some self isolation on a small island on Dale Hollow; seems like it's the socially responsible thing to do! ...W
  2. I get this. Sorry, there is a problem You do not have permission to view this content. Error code: 1F176/3 Any suggestions? Thanks.
  3. Matt, Good to see you on CAG. We should go fishing sometime. ...W
  4. If you are fishing a venue that is only going to give up one bite a day, you would be foolish to not do absolutely everything to convert that bite to a fish on the bank and it all starts with a sharp hook. ...W
  5. Kryston Jackal and Rigmarole Hydrolink have been my hooklinks of choice for a long time. ...W
  6. Absolutely not! Dreams of catching that one special fish are what keep many of us going fishing in the first place. ...W
  7. I wouldn't use pack. Instead I would use equinox stick mix with a few fine chops and some equinox liquid dip in a small PVA stick. Or, you can make your own stick mix: coarsely crumb up some of the boilies, add a bit of equinox base mix and a few fine chops and moisten it with some equinox dip... you get the idea! Lots of attraction, not too filling. ...W
  8. Given Mr. Sanders' larger than life presence in the Hoosier Carpers community, I am very surprised at the total lack of response (in support or otherwise) from the Hoosier Carpers to Mr. Sanders' request to be considered for the Indiana state chair. Perhaps this is indicative of how few members of the Hoosier carpers are CAG members or maybe they just don't frequent this site very often; who knows? I don't know Mr. Sanders personally, indeed I have never met him but it is very apparent from his activity on the Hoosier Carpers social media that he is genuinely passionate in equal measure about his carp fishing, carp care and helping others get into the sport. ...W
  9. That was my thought but every bit helps. ...W
  10. Sad news indeed. My sincere condolences to his family and friends. ...W
  11. I would do that. I would also consider coming yet this year. ...W
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