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  1. I'm signed up , the chance of catching a State record and a winning $100k is good in the CT river. Mike you have a PM
  2. Myself and Iain Sorrell will be there.
  3. Bill, I know someone who is ready to upgrade to Delkims , can you post a picture.
  4. Nice going Tom Bieback 48lbs 1oz , unbelievable catch.
  5. Besides being a brilliant carp angler and writer Iain Sorrell is also a great photographer. This photo was taken while we were scouting out a local lake for a fish-in and catching on the float rod.
  6. Who would have thought, I made the cover of a magazine with the smallest carp I have ever caught
  7. Weather is looking good for Sunday , hopefully the carp are hungry after their winter slumber
  8. Great result for this time of year , well done
  9. Nothing scheduled yet but there will be a fish-in in the spring , keep checking the forum for details in the comming months
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