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  1. I'm signed up , the chance of catching a State record and a winning $100k is good in the CT river. Mike you have a PM
  2. Myself and Iain Sorrell will be there.
  3. Nice going Tom Bieback 48lbs 1oz , unbelievable catch.
  4. Besides being a brilliant carp angler and writer Iain Sorrell is also a great photographer. This photo was taken while we were scouting out a local lake for a fish-in and catching on the float rod.
  5. Who would have thought, I made the cover of a magazine with the smallest carp I have ever caught
  6. Weather is looking good for Sunday , hopefully the carp are hungry after their winter slumber
  7. Great result for this time of year , well done
  8. Nothing scheduled yet but there will be a fish-in in the spring , keep checking the forum for details in the comming months
  9. Well done Mike and Bryan, love those fantails. I'm glad some 20's are comming out of your second spot I've only had teens from there.
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