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  1. buster


    Started a thread in off topic. http://www.carpanglersgroup.com/forum/inde...t=0#entry383419 Don't want to hijack this one. It was just getting good.
  2. buster


    Hey---I'f I could find my notes from the 1970's----I could prolly do a good one. (EDIT) Seriously--this would be a good subject for it's own thread. Growing ones on hemp seed ould be childs play. Making sure that you didn't run into legal problems with growing, or even possesing hemp seeds is another issue altogether. A good drug dog WILL go nuts if they get a whiff of hemp seeds. If I get a chance--I'll start one in off topic--so that the inevidable jokes don't get the thread hacked .
  3. buster

    The PURGE....help me.....

    Paypal works for me. !!!! Nice try Neil.
  4. buster

    The PURGE....help me.....

    OK--Any other way to find out when membership expires???? Maybe I'm an exception---OK---Prolly an exception---- But I don't exactly keep the membership card handy. In fact--I havn't seen it in a couple of years. PS---After be-yatching for over a year--I will NOT renew until somebody fixes the #$$@$ <_< smilies on here. It's as bad as having to "Press One For English" everytime you post. Whoever arranged them must be severly depressed-------because you have to go to the second window to get a HAPPY smilie.
  5. What brand might these $4 dollar a pound pellets be ????
  6. buster

    Dave Moore...

    Title of Thread: Dave Moore..., Working on an NC 30+... Thats KOOL !!! I heard that Dave had "suggested" that he'd like to "meet me". If thats the case and he shows up anywhere in NC----I'd be more than willing to stop by for a quick "Howdy Session". PM me if he's still interested.
  7. Well--I learned a few things about WW Carping from this deal. (1) The guys that go to the trouble to hold the events really deserve some attaboys. i'm sure that a ton of work went into this thing, and as far as up to date coverage on the event goes---it was great. Props to all involved in keeping the online updates up to date. (2)--Shame that there wasn't more teams, but this is a growing sport. However--after seeing Wayne's pics of the guys wading out on the mud flats in a rain squall------I lost any enthusiasm for ever fishing any non-stop event. That chit's NUTS. Seriously--these kind of events ain't my bag of tea, but it was interesting to keep up with. Hopefully it will be done again and there will be more interest. Good job dudes. t
  8. Well, the good news is that the front is moving through there in the AM, and the thunder-boomers may not develop. The bad news is that it's a cold front, and the temps will fall and the wind will prolly pick up after it passes. I do wish everyone good luck----and no lightning bolts. I've been watching the weather pretty closely, because what happens there---happens here 8-12 hours latter----and I'm wanting to fish too---but not in the rain.
  9. buster

    HUGE pictures?

    Good stuff Jake. You interested in a tech job on another board??? JMHO--from what little I know-----pics intended for posting on a board should be uploaded to that board---not to photobucket or any other source. Sure--It works--but it's not a direct link, and can cause some delay (nano seconds--but still not the propUr way) Plus--images on provider sites may not be there a year from now. There's thousands of RED X's all over this board because of that.
  10. buster

    HUGE pictures?

    Thats good info for someone who knows a little about posting pics, but doesn't help total newbies very much. We could really use some discussion on whether camera settings would make things easier, and a chat as to how to save pics so they will be in the right format, and easy to find. I've had 20 PM's in the last week about Pics on SP. I'm going to have to do a pics for dummies post myself-----but to be honest--I'm not to sharp on some of this stuff. I'm sure that there's a lot of people who are experts at this stuff, and simply overlook the fact that there' a lot of others who don't hve a clue. It would be great if somebody who REALLY know something about images would try to explain it ---on a VERY BASIC level. JMHO t
  11. buster

    HUGE pictures?

    How about somebody write a good step by step tutorial on posting pics? Start with what settings to use on the camers. "splain" how to save the pics. "splain" how to resize them-----resizing for dummies. Then--splain how to post--and how many pics to upload to each post????? Even if there's a good one on here---bring it back to the top somehow. I run Broadband and a fast pc and mine's had a nervous breakdown a time or two also. t
  12. buster

    Mulit baiting

    Yeah. I know Jack--pretty well. Tom said that he , and I believe him if he says so.
  13. buster

    Mulit baiting

    Mark, I'm not capable of mixing up the UK styles, because I don't even take match fishing into account. From what little I know about it it doesn't even seem to qualify as "carp" fishing to me. ( ignorance on my part perhaps, but there's very little info on here about it, and to be honest, I don't read any topic that deals with match fishing). I'm not knocking it now, just don't know anything about it. .
  14. buster

    Mulit baiting

    No offense ment, but the concept of the seasonal bait changes is somewhat real, but certainly not the territory. As far as I know, PC Collins was the guy who first pushed the seasonal concept on the Internet, and I guess that there are still people who believe it, and try to push it as their own ideas. There is something to it, but it's sure not the law at most paylakes. Still, If you look at the paylake bait used back in the 1980's when that idea first showed up, then you certainly can find reasons why some of those baits would only work at certain water temps. Thats a whole nudder ball of wax, and paylakes have changed a lot since then. I think that the Euro crowd are pretty sharp too, and have picked up on a lot of the paylake methods. I think that they could learn a lot more from the guys who are hard core paylakers now. These guys are using the Internet, and ain't afraid to try new things--even some adaptations of the Euro methods. PS--Like I said, I DO know Jack. And Jack knows carp. He IS the real deal. Jack may have never fished a "world class" wildwater event, but "Jack"s put ton of big yellows and Buffs in the paylakes. I do apologise if I'm stepping on anyone's toes by posting "unapproved" info. Mark da Shark posted: Mark, I'd say that you're dead on, even when it comes to paylakes. Even in NC, paylakes are very different in the different part of the states. In one part of the state. the pegs tend to be spaced really close together, and they only fish two rods. They also tend to run programs that pay every 15 minutes, to every half hour. In my neck of the woods, the lakes are usually bigger, are spaced 2-3 times as wide, and fish 3-4 rods. The pay every hour, plus run much bigger pots for the big fish. It's a different game. On a lake that pays every 15 minutes or half hour, catching peckerheads can pay. On the central NC lakes, it's a game of going after a few big fish. Thats the reason that I will apply something closer to the method style of baits. Where I fish, those alarms can scream all night long, and you can still walk away broke. Good discussion IMHO. I'll paylake Euro--if it will win. For real paylakers--winning IS everything. Anything else is just first loser.
  15. buster

    Mulit baiting

    PS--I do want to make it clear that I'm not trying to sound like I know jack about wildwater. I just hapen to know Jack, and he told me a few things. Only posting anything in the context of the original question. Mixed particles = chicken scratch.