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  1. Throw back pic 06!

    No carp on Long Island, Try Hempstead lake full of carp......
  2. Do you keep a fishing log?

    I have bin keeping a fishing log starting 2001 although in those day mostly salt water and fly fishing log with tides, moon faze, weather, baits, fishing partners, Gps number and fish caught. my fresh water logs even have drawings of swims . I also keep a deer hunting log with drawings of maps and location's however I slaked off on that over the past 3 years.
  3. Long Island 26lbs Robert Mallgren
  4. Carp of the Month May 2015 $100 BCT Voucher & CAG Membership

    In A New York minute! A Nice 25lbs carp caught over a bed of maze, Bait particle combo.
  5. The addiction never ends

    All set for the big river!
  6. River Carping

    Awesome! I am thinking about getting a john boat but a 10foot to throw in the back of my truck.
  7. Long island

    Ant that the truth !
  8. Long island

    Ant that the truth.. .
  9. Long island

    I am sorry to say Alex is correct; big Carp on long Island and also small carp are few and far between. I am also getting tiered of driving all over New York State to find carp when I have great Saltwater fishing down the road.
  10. Train Swim

  11. Carp Island

    Awesome! My Kind of fishing, however my Fishing this years is on hold I am doing some home renovations. Hade to abandon my old radiant heat under the slab and upgrade to baseboard. Also hade to remove old asbestos tiles, my life is in a mess.