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  1. Ny, East River carp

    I live south shore Long Island , When I salt fish I fish south and North...
  2. Ny, East River carp

    Not a carp, looks like sturgeon... .
  3. Long Island carp jump

    Long Island deftly fished out for carp. Those two phots were from years ago, Go North my friends, Go north!
  4. I have I new spot for the boat tried to pm you .....

  5. Long Island carp jump

    I hope now one has hard feeling agents me for letting it go, I just don't have the time they days and find it very hard to make the time. I did not go deer hunting once or carp fishing this year. However I did good salt water fishing , I did not give up carp fishing just slowed down for now. Every thing changed after children but its all good. As far as carp fishing we all love to catch a Big carp but its also fun to catch smaller carp in hard waters and I found that catching any carp in a water that's hard and never caught at before can give the same rush and fun...