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  1. carpaholic316

    Nebraska Carpers?

    Yes, I'm from Fremont 30 miles away from omaha, there's 8 of us from this area. Where are you from in nebraska? We mainly fish Fremont , omaha, & surrounding area.
  2. carpaholic316

    Foxhorizon 4 Rod Rod Pod For Sale

    Thank you sir, pleasure doin business:)
  3. carpaholic316

    Haven't Received My Order From The Store

    Taken care of thanks!
  4. carpaholic316

    The New Fox Stalker Plus

    Thanks guys, I'll have to give west side a call:)
  5. I was looking to buy a new pod, & was hoping to get the new fox stalker plus, I saw at one time wacker had them but they must of sold them as they are not listed anymore? Does anyone know where I may pick one up here in the states? Thanks
  6. carpaholic316

    Foxhorizon 4 Rod Rod Pod For Sale

  7. Who do I get ahold of that's in charge of the store on here, I ordered some stuff & never have received it? Thanks Dave K.
  8. carpaholic316

    Foxhorizon 4 Rod Rod Pod For Sale

    Lol bump
  9. carpaholic316

    Foxhorizon 4 Rod Rod Pod For Sale

    Dropping it down $150 shipped, any takers?
  10. I am looking to sell my fox horizon 4 rod rod pod, I'm looking to get a different pod, so I am offering it on here. It comes w/ a matching fox horizon carry bag. The pod is in very good shape, the only thing is it does have some sun fading in the paint, & some minor scratches on the inner part of the adjustable legs, other than that it has been taken very well taken care of! If you were to buy this brand new it would cost you $219 for the pod,& $39 for the bag, + the cost of shipping. I would like to get $175 shipped via PayPal . If interested you can see the pics of it on www.facebook.com/carpahic316 or I have posted it on carp anglers groups Facebook page also under the name Dave Kumm. I tried to post pics on here but can't get the to work using my iPhone or my tablet. If interested you can pm me here on the forums. Thanks for looking Dave kumm
  11. carpaholic316

    Resistance Tackle

    I ordered the cheaper bivvy kit that includes the RTBV2 bivvy, the reclining chair w/ arms , & the bedchair that has the blanket & mosquito mesh, & I am very pleased w/ the kit! The bivvy is easy to set up, didn't even get phased by 30 + mph winds, & is very versatile! The bedchair rocks!, very comfy to sleep in, the blanket comes off via snaps so you can wash it! & the reclining chair is very comfortable! I am very happy w/ my order! The shipping on the whole kit was really affordable! I would highly recommend to anyone!
  12. carpaholic316

    A Tackle Tarts Dream Lot!

    LOL!! Yeah I saw that, I still wish I could of went down there. As for the snow, I almost went out today, but ran out of time. Like the dumb idiots we are, I think we are going to brave it out this weekend & fish anyways. Set everything up, turn on the remotes, & run & hide in the trucks w/ the heat running Hope to see you soon mate, until then take care!
  13. carpaholic316

    A Tackle Tarts Dream Lot!

    Nice buy mate, you going to use them the next time you come out & fish w/ us? Now all you need is a bait boat! LOL!
  14. carpaholic316

    Matrix - Fox - Atts

    PM sent
  15. carpaholic316


    PM sent