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    Buffalo NY Carp Fishing

    Hello Frank. Where exactly will you be in the Buffalo area? I know a few spots you can get into.

    Buffalo NY fishing

    Randy definitely bring your gear. There are many opportunities in those counties. There are boat harbors, creeks, the Lakes themselves, Niagara River, etc. I also know of a nice gravel pit with mirrors up to 28lbs in a neighboring county. Let me know when you will be in the area and maybe we can improve that mirror pb.
  3. Guys I'm looking for a main line to combat rock ledges and zebra mussels. Mono or braid does not matter I just want to have a fighting chance in a few swims the fish have been hanging in. I have tried 18# mono with 30# mono leaders and THICK braid leaders and neither have cut it, excuse the pun. I seems like I am getting cut off beyond the leader no matter how long I make it. Any suggestions?

    Lake Erie Carpin

    Good job guys! Brian how deep was the water 35 yards out? Here on Lake Ontario it would be 3-4 feet. Its crazy how shallow they will come for food.

    What Size Of Boilies

    Mr Time, I would go with the smaller ones if you are looking to build confidence in boilies, both bottom and pop ups, as you will definately receive more action. The larger baits will catch but do yourself a favor think about or look up what the carp in your waters are eating. Carp generally eat a lot of small items and your best bet is to exploit this. Don't get me wrong big (24mm+) boilies will catch carp but smaller baits will get you in quicker with more consistant action. I personally found 18mm bottom baits and 14 mm pop ups seem to be taken no matter where I go. As a side note: I have measured the diameter of many a carp's mouths and have found once they hit 20lbs the size is the same as that of a 30 and 40lber. This is where rigs and baiting strategies come into play.

    Equipment Storage

    I am wondering where you store your gear? I am talking about buckets, rods/reels, tackle bags, etc. I store my gear in the garage which is not an issue in the warmer months because I leave my car in the drive way. In the winter I put my car in the garage and am concerned the exhaust fumes could be "tainting" the stuff, probably just an issue in my head. Either way, I have a strict rule of not letting the vehicles idle in the garge.

    Boilie Rolling Table

    Thats cool!!

    Boilie Rolling Table

    I use a cement mixer as well to combine the basemix. I used to measure out my powders, dump them into a 3 gallon bucket and shake the snot out of it. That only lasts so long! It is a great upper body work out!!

    Boilie Rolling Table

    Ya they are just PVC pieces with a dowel running through the center, sandwiched between 2 pieces of pine.
  10. KARPER

    Boilie Rolling Table

    Pic 2
  11. KARPER

    Boilie Rolling Table

    Here are a couple of pics of my rolling set up, not as sexy as Classiccat's, but you get the idea.
  12. KARPER

    Boilie Rolling Table

    i want 2!!
  13. KARPER

    Boilie Rolling Table

    Classiccat I thought it was something along those lines. Good idea.
  14. KARPER

    Boilie Rolling Table

    Thats what I've been looking at Payara. Its just really hard to justify at the moment, at least to the signifigant other. Think if I put it in the corner and threw some coats and hats on it I could pass it off as a cheap coat rack?
  15. KARPER

    Boilie Rolling Table

    Looks like I may have too revisit the paint mixer! I can do a 10 egg 1200g mix with the Kitchaide and a blender but that just isnt efficent for me.