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    Dedicated catch and release carp angler in upstate NY

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    Webster / New York
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  1. Evan


    I wonder if you can help.

    I am assuming you are chair for South Carolina also.

    I live in upstate NY, one mile from Lake Ontario.

    Most places are frozen up around here, so I have not fished for a few months and dying to get out.

    I am heading to Hilton Head , SC for spring break with the family and thinking about packing some gear on the  car.

    Do you know of any carp fishing venues in south east SC?

    Thanks in advance



  2. I have been a pole fisherman for the past thirty years, it gets me some funny looks. Never thought I would change to a carp fisherman but I got sick of catching small fish. Earlier this year I had to return to England for a funeral. Brought back some inline feeders, hair rigs etc. from the local tackle shop Using my old ABU Ledger Rod I tried an inlet off Lake Ontario. I caught three decent carp. That was it and I have not picked up my pole since. Looking for other carp fisherman around Western NY
  3. Are there any members from Rochester Area ?
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