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    spending time with my kids, and of course trying to get a good pic of a carp...

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  1. whidd9

    Fox buzz bars

    Do You Have The Legs For The Buzz Bars That Slide Into The Pod? i Would Like The Bars And The Legs If You Have Them.
  2. whidd9

    shimano 4500s on rods

    i Be Interested... smh
  3. whidd9

    WTB A Good set of alarms

    You Can't Go wrong With Sirens Either..
  4. whidd9

    WTB A Good set of alarms

    You Can't Go Wrong With delkims
  5. whidd9

    WTB A Good set of alarms

    i Recommend What You Like To Look At. Alarms Just Beep.
  6. whidd9

    BFS Rods

    They Are My Favorite Rods Of All.
  7. whidd9

    FS-2-Daiwa Emblem S 5500T

    WhenAreYouComingTo North Carolina
  8. whidd9

    Tandem Bait lot

    Asking Price
  9. whidd9

    How to make Forever Grits video

    i Like My Pack To Stay Packed.. Good Video..
  10. whidd9

    Fs:Daiwa Emblem Pro 5000

    Resistance does Not Have These Reels Anymore.. I Bought The Last They Had!!
  11. whidd9

    CAG Banners for Sale

  12. whidd9

    Nash H Gun Rods 12ft 2.75 TC

    I wish i wasn't moving next week.. I would love these..
  13. whidd9

    FS: Nash weigh sling and sack

    Always see nash stuff when I'm broke
  14. whidd9

    Chub Cyclone Ez Shelter

    I am 100% pro smokers!!!!!
  15. whidd9

    Wtb Ultimate Striker Dsi Or Lsi Alarm

    Haven't seen any in a long time..