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  1. carpaholic125


    Something I've done much of and works great, obviously less dense to size than lead but as you say, easier on the wallette and environment.
  2. carpaholic125


    There is a ban on leads under 3/4 ounce here in ny, although I'm not sure if it just bans the sale of, or the use of, because I know that it's easily gotten around and I have never personally been checked as to the type of weight I'm using. Steelhead and salmon being exponentially more popular in the northeast than carp, bb shot is very highly prized. Tungsten just does not cut it.
  3. Prefessa, if you look back at my last post you will see a short video I've posted of a simple panko Pva mix breaking. Interesting stuff. I do enjoy Challah French toast.
  4. Here's a time lapse I did the other day of a Pva stick containing panko crumb, crushed boilie, small amount of creamed corn and some flavoring. I rather like its behavior. https://www.dropbox.com/s/din83cmrxu1v2dm/pva%20stick%20breakdown%20.mov
  5. Best permit to have;) always have a pistol on me these days, never know if you'll see a 'snake'
  6. SoCal, I posted than in the thread I posted titled "slow start, photo finish" but that wasn't my favorite picture or even moment of 2012, seeing my girlfriend tie a rig, make bait, cast, set the rod and play a fish and achieve a fish of this magnitude (38+) was something special. As I don't have children I can't imagine your joy but I can say it feels good to watch someone's face light up with joy and achievement.
  7. It is a superb fish! One of the most beautiful commons I've seen. Well done to this man!
  8. I'm sorry frank, You're comments were perfect, nothing wrong with them at all! Sorry for that misunderstanding. The story that will be published is less of an overview of the year and more based on the last part of this write-up. Thank you again for the kind words sir!
  9. I can share the one we used, We went to a local hard cider mill, and pickep up two bottles of cider made with liberty spy apples, sweet, tart, very little dryness, 2 cinnamon sticks, 1/4 cup crystalized ginger, few orange slices, and a teaspoon of cloves, let simmer for 15 minutes and serve. You wont regret it.
  10. Well, thats what several glasses of mulled hard cider will do to you ordinarily It would be composed much better, I have a little practice Lets keep this thread on topic please...I dont want this to turn into a mess like others.
  11. I do, and I absolutely can not say enough great things about it. Even in my crazy snag fishing it has proved its weight in gold! Very abrasion resistant, perfect amount of stretch, sinks like a stone, great color and is very hard to see in the water. I have tried many but have great faith in this line! I highly reccomend. I use the 20# BS, it doesnt cast the best purely due to the diameter of I believe .031@ 20# but It is great for my style of fishing, If i were fishing mostly open water I would not hesitate to go down to the 15#.
  12. Thank you everyone for the kind words, sorry it was so long winded, but i warned you!
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