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  1. Thanks! Same here! I was nervous!
  2. I’m speechless right now! Kody has come a long way over the last couple years! He can put in couple day sessions no problem, no sleep and keep digging whether the fish are biting or not! He’s become quite the angler and was rewarded with a fish of a life time! Here it is 51lbs 14oz. What a beast and he earned it! 73021D6C-4A7C-4B2D-BE9F-439F557A73CB.MOV 6F7A8206-C072-42E5-88A3-59AE0FA9AA61.MOV
  3. Kody and I went from 4 straight blanks and a 3 day session with one fish to hauling all day! Never sat down!
  4. Kody and I wanted to thank Iain, Willem and CAG for putting this contest together. Also want to thank all the sponsors. Congrats to all the anglers! Entering the fall 4 made us work harder and go fishing in conditions we’d probably otherwise stay home.
  5. Thank you! I was amazed at some of the sessions we had, cold, rain all night fishing. Usually wouldn’t of went under some of the conditions but the fall 4 kept us interested! Can’t wait till spring!!
  6. They had a problem with the leader board. I think they have to check everything manually.
  7. Thanks for the help guys!! I went to the river forest park and got eaten alive by Mosquitos. They where sucking blood out of my eye lids cause it was the only place that wasn't drenched with spray. Never seen anything like it. The fish moved in right away but never caught one over 10 lbs
  8. Thanks guys!! What about the river forest park. The lady said she has campsites right on the Seneca
  9. Can someone plz move this thread to the right place? I want to come up to the Baldwinsville area to fish and would like to camp on the river any pointers would be appreciated.
  10. O.... Well shows you how much I know! Is the Seneca good as the Lawrence? So you can camp right on the water?
  11. Is there anywhere near baldwinsville to camp on the river and fish?
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