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  1. Thanks for the help guys!! I went to the river forest park and got eaten alive by Mosquitos. They where sucking blood out of my eye lids cause it was the only place that wasn't drenched with spray. Never seen anything like it. The fish moved in right away but never caught one over 10 lbs
  2. Thanks guys!! What about the river forest park. The lady said she has campsites right on the Seneca
  3. Can someone plz move this thread to the right place? I want to come up to the Baldwinsville area to fish and would like to camp on the river any pointers would be appreciated.
  4. O.... Well shows you how much I know! Is the Seneca good as the Lawrence? So you can camp right on the water?
  5. Is there anywhere near baldwinsville to camp on the river and fish?
  6. If I'm not working ill be there.
  7. Thanks guys!! DC is in MD. It's a tough place to fish. It's like a major interstate with boats in the summer, snags, docks, and most of the lake is surrounded by private property. And the fish only bite at night.
  8. My son Kody with his 34lber from Deep Creek. Hes almost 12yrs old. He setting the bar high at a young age. I never broke the 20lb mark till my late 20's My 30lber Al's 30lber Tatums 19lber We fished for 5 days. Landed 3 30's lots of upper 20's and it was rare to land one under 20lbs.
  9. Aww man ill be on that stupid drill rig.
  10. Cool!! I appreciate it. I was looking at Saras in erie but read some bad reviews and looks like it would crowded waterfront. I called them but they wont return my calls.
  11. Can someone recommend some places to camp on the water and fish in PA, OH, WV, or MD. Thanks!!
  12. For sure!! Im glad you guys came out, it was good to see you! we only caught one more after you guys left on Fri.
  13. Sounds good I'll be here! Caught 10 carp today. Just as many cats. 26 lber was the best
  14. I'll fish as late as you:). Does anyone know what time they open the gate? Ya I'll be at 12!
  15. Im heading to hanes point tue through fri if anyone wants to join.