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  1. CAG New leaderboard Instructions 2019.pdf
  2. Memories.... that’s why we do what we do.
  3. This is the official 2019 Logo. Big 4 Logo Official 2019.pdf
  4. You should be good now. The automatic reply from PayPal didn’t come through. I do see the payment and adjusted your status. As as far as the Newby go, it’s just a forum setting. Some have over 8000 posts, and the forum auto change your status after x amount of posts.
  5. Sorting doesn’t currently work. It will be updated after this event.
  6. The CAG Website will be rebooted tonight at 11PM CST. I've done some root updates and they require a complete server reboot.
  7. Well deserved!!!! When Barry came aboard to work with the store and Membership, I’ll be honest, I wasn’t very enthusiastic since volunteers don’t usually last long. It’s a LOT of work and time But Barry jumped in boots n all, doing better than I ever did. He worked on creating a nicer New Members package, learned to use the CAG Store to manage shipments and add / remove products. If not for Barry, I probably would’ve thrown in the towel since my schedule just didn’t allow me to do everything anymore. Thanks for all you do Barry!!
  8. Please post your catches here if you have issues. http://www.carpanglersgroup.com/forum/index.php?/topic/58216-post-your-pictures-here/&tab=comments#comment-733389
  9. I was asked if I could provide previous ATC Results. Here are the links to the ones I logged. 2014 2015 2016 2017
  10. I’ve sent you a new Renewal invoice
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