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  1. Winter carping

    i might try worm on the hook and fake corn on the hair this weekend. Thanks
  2. WTB: Bite Alarms

    Got a set of Fox Micron M+ online cheap so no longer need alarms.
  3. WTB: Bite Alarms

    Hey looking for ATTS alarms or another similar quality set. Let me know. Thanks
  4. WTB Shimano Aerlex

    I got a reel. Thanks
  5. Multi Rig Video out now!

    so what lead system do you use with this? do you use a pva bag like your other boilies setups? what range of pop up heights have you tried and do you think there is a good all around height?

    Pickerd- that mirror is awesome Frank- Yeah Kewaunee was a tough weekend. Looking for some redemption at the WICC...
  7. looking for up to 3 in good working order. newer model preferred. Thanks
  8. WTB Shimano Aerlex

    Anyone with a spare shimano aerlex or similar reel to be used primarily for spodding with backup use as distance fishing reel. Thanks
  9. Greys 7 foot Stalker Rod

    pm sent
  10. New to the group

    Hey we just had a MN fish-in a couple weeks ago west of the cities. I'm SE but I know a few other MN guys live by the cities and have good luck fishing coon rapids
  11. Help renewing expired membership

    got it. Thanks Willem
  12. Help renewing expired membership

    Yeah it has made no difference IPAD or PC. I could always make a new account if its cant be figured out.
  13. I tried following the forum sticky on this but I don't have a renew tab to select. thanks
  14. Morning. I tried renewing my membership but it was not an option like in your example. It would also not let me buy a new membership.


    thanks for your help. Also you pm box is full

  15. Minnesota Fish In :April 16

    great fish in. Aniq did a great job running the show. CT thanks for hosting us at your place and providing the best fish-in food I've experienced. Jaffar pleasure meeting you and watching that monster bullhead catfish take your double 20mm boilies. I caught my new PB 26.02 on flavor and plastic maze. Both my boys caught their first carp/PB each around 10-12#.