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  1. Team List

    Yeah I'm interested in participating too but will have to wait till closer to the event to know my availability. Maybe some team will have a last minute opening for me to jump in.
  2. WTB bite indicators

    Hey there. Looking for a nice set of indicators for slack to semi tight line, close and medium distance work. Let me know what you have. Thanks
  3. Hey there. I am looking for smaller shimano baitrunners for my float rod and a few kid setups (front fighting drag in the 2500 and 4000 sizes). Preference would be for the ST and DL models will also consider the OC and D models. thanks
  4. Hey all. I am looking this winter to get a few more pieces of gear specifically a shelter and a bedchair. I like the trakker line up quite a bit but would consider whatever is out there that's in reasonable shape. I would perfer a brolley over a full bivvy. Thanks
  5. Winter carping

    i might try worm on the hook and fake corn on the hair this weekend. Thanks
  6. WTB: Bite Alarms

    Got a set of Fox Micron M+ online cheap so no longer need alarms.
  7. WTB: Bite Alarms

    Hey looking for ATTS alarms or another similar quality set. Let me know. Thanks
  8. WTB Shimano Aerlex

    I got a reel. Thanks
  9. Multi Rig Video out now!

    so what lead system do you use with this? do you use a pva bag like your other boilies setups? what range of pop up heights have you tried and do you think there is a good all around height?
  10. CAG BIG 4 PICS

    Pickerd- that mirror is awesome Frank- Yeah Kewaunee was a tough weekend. Looking for some redemption at the WICC...
  11. looking for up to 3 in good working order. newer model preferred. Thanks
  12. WTB Shimano Aerlex

    Anyone with a spare shimano aerlex or similar reel to be used primarily for spodding with backup use as distance fishing reel. Thanks
  13. Greys 7 foot Stalker Rod

    pm sent
  14. New to the group

    Hey we just had a MN fish-in a couple weeks ago west of the cities. I'm SE but I know a few other MN guys live by the cities and have good luck fishing coon rapids