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  1. Congratulations to all of the stalwart competitors. < Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas. Grahame Johnston
  2. Grahame Johnston

    Pflueger Arbor 7450X spinning reel

    Great news. Have obtained the Arbor requested
  3. Grahame Johnston

    Pflueger Arbor 7450X spinning reel

    I'm still awaiting any possible reply to my request, but I hope someone sees yours.
  4. Grahame Johnston

    Pflueger Arbor 7450X spinning reel

    Larry, Strange as it may seem, I do fish for other species besides carp. The one Arbor 7450X reel that I currently own, I bought to use float fishing (or as you call it 'bobber fishing) for carp. With such a large diameter spool I can use braid or mono in light diameters on spinning rods and literally cast a country mile, with small baits. This will not affect the use of my Daiwa Tournament Linear of Shimano Ultegra reels which I will continue to use for carp fishing. Best wishes, Grahame
  5. Grahame Johnston

    Pflueger Arbor 7450X spinning reel

    Wanted to buy Pflueger Arbor 7450X reel. (Largest of the Arbor series) Many thanks Grahame.
  6. Hi Frank, Regret that I will not be at Kewanee tomorrow. I don't want to risk the drive. Lets hope that I can sort things out with medication. Grahame
  7. Grahame Johnston


    Larry Wonderful tournament, fantastic weather, carp getting much larger than those caught in previous years. Thank you to all those concerned in the organization of this event. Let us set the month for September 2017. Grahame
  8. Hi Frank, I for one would really appreciate a postponement, I was about to contact you with regret that I would have to cancel my attendance. I have just spent three night in the hospital ,due to my having a complete black out whilst shopping. Numerous tests at the heart unit could not find anything wrong with the 'ticker', now I have to have MRi and MRa as a cat scan shows possible artery trouble up top. Sorry for this last minute cancellation but I will hopefully be able to compete in the next event. Grahame
  9. Grahame Johnston

    Carp Rods for Sale

    Regret , no. All rods have been sold
  10. Hi Frank, Yes indeed please include me for the 27th Grahame.
  11. Hi Frank, I am in agreement with your wanting to weigh in all fish caught on the one set of scales, thus ensuring that fairness is assured. The only apprehension that I have, is that perhaps not all competitors will have suitable 'Keep Sacks', especially as this is a big three event. With the temperatures as high as forecast, those lucky enough to catch three fish, are going to find it hard to care for them, more so if they are caught earlier on. With cooler temperatures, this would ordinarily not present so much of a problem, but as it appears that unusually high temperatures are scheduled for the day of the tournament, perhaps a re-think should be considered, after all ' CARP LIVES MATTER'. Grahame
  12. Hi Frank, Please include me for this competition. Grahame.
  13. Grahame Johnston

    Daiwa Longbow Carp Rods

    Rods sold Thank you.
  14. Grahame Johnston

    Daiwa Longbow Carp Rods

    I have for sale three Daiwa DF 12' Longbow carp rods 3lb tc. each in immaculate condition , having been thoroughly cleaned after each outing. The present retail price for the Longbow is $399.99. plus tax and shipping. I am selling each rod for below retail price, at $180.00.plus shipping charge of $20.00 with UPS in the United States. These are undoubtedly high quality rods designed by Danny Fairbrass, having the appearance of being custom built, each with the larger 50m butt ring to facilitate casting.