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  1. I like Jeromes suggestion here. I also like the change in having some timeline to encourage earlier uploading, not waiting until the very end to unveil the big fish that have hit the bank. Although I suspect some of the late posting is to allow them more opportunities on the big fish if it it is a well known area that may draw more competition if big fish are showing early.
  2. Brad, if you could bring some kind of snacks as cookies, etc. that would be welcome. Just make sure they are tolerant to heat. Supposed to be in the low 90s Friday and Saturday.

  3. I can bring a kayak to paddle out and place any chum day of the event if it is needed. I also have a Yeti 65 for drinks if someone needs a place to put them. If anyone has snack suggestions I will gladly supply some.
  4. Jerome, I find this picture appalling and in poor taste. Where is the brioche bun and tartar sauce. Maybe a dash of hot sauce.
  5. http://carpanglersgroup.com/ldb/LiveLDB/LEADERBOARD.html That is the link copied from my URL if it helps.
  6. I am not sure there is a breakdown by region registered by anglers. When I click on Live Leaderboard in the header here on the forum page, it provides a drop down to select the Spring Big 4, then I can sort by Big 4, Big fish, etc. But nothing by region.
  7. If using instant rice as called for in most rice packs, boiling would likely negate the packing ability of your pack. Rice pack with ketchup typically sits for at least a day, in which time the instant rice absorbs and becomes soft, no risk for the carp from that. I know that at times when making it without ketchup, heating the liquid is done to assist in the process, but for it to pack hard and cast and break, it will take some tinkering. I am speaking to rice from a pack bait perspective. As for the binder part, I believe that the softened rice acts as its own binder in most p
  8. Pre-spawn gets the biggest potential fish and they are eating heavily to prepare. However, I have a hard time getting enough prespawn fishing in, and heavy fall carp are nice. I fished during the spawn yesterday and honestly lost count of how many carp I had. None of the big girls from the prior weeks, but a lot of blazing fast, feisty males from 8 to 12lbs
  9. I am not an authority on this, but mine is black and white and in the past black and white has not been an issue, so I imagine your off color printing would not either.
  10. A Tennessee carp not from Dale Hollow? They are out there. Maybe not as many, or as big, or as lacking in scales. But it is closer to home. This year I decided I would make it a point to put time in on some local waters to myself, after not fishing for carp at all in 2017. I started out a week ago hitting up a local huge lake. We are talking average depth of 75 ft, 200 miles long, 800+ miles of shoreline, high clarity in the water, etc. Well that lake was not kind to me. After baiting it up, I went there to see my bait was untouched. Now I know the lake has carp in it, a ba
  11. Here are some non Dale Hollow Tennessee carp from a lake I am now shifting my focus to. Although I would love to return to Dale Hollow, fishing locally has its perks and own challenges. I will just post the pictures in here and do a write up on the main section. Needless to say, yesterday was a good day on the water. I took the day off to start the Big 4 in good fashion, and I have no complaints. 11lb 2oz caught on a paylake rigged puff with panko pack 19lbs 14oz and then a 15lb 0oz caught at the same time as indicated by the clouds behind me. The 19lb 14
  12. I will keep an eye out for a new date. I had obligations this weekend, but if its on a free weekend, I will make a point to take the trip down there and meet some of our southern neighbors.
  13. What a pig! Sometimes it just takes 1 fish to make a day very special. That fish has the frame and room to put on a good bit more I do believe. Well done!
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