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  1. Victor91

    FFF 2017 - Register Here!

    IF a drop out does happen i will join you guys at Jackson if not i have a few spots i can go to.
  2. Victor91

    FFF 2017 - Register Here!

    can you fish on the corner of the police station? Do they kick you out?
  3. Victor91

    FFF 2017 - Register Here!

    Victor Zemeckis Victor91 Illinois Any idea whats left at Joliet Venue?
  4. Victor91

    Chicago River

    Thanks Frank. We have been behind the tribune building just haven't fished it yet. Might give it a go this weekend.
  5. Victor91

    Chicago River

    everything i read on the south branch said waste water. just looking for ither bank spots that are accessible.
  6. Victor91

    Chicago River

    How many people still visit the chicago river for fishing? we checked out the south fork branch last weekend and had a few pickups but no takes. after reading some history on it seems like it was a huge wastedump. Looking for any of decent areas to fish it. we are not messy people and clean up after ourselfs. any tips would be amazing. thank you.
  7. Victor91

    Overnight spots in Illinois

    Any one have any spots they care to share that you can fish overnight in Illinois? We are respectful and don't leave trash ect if that's a concern.
  8. Mike Sabia is out with the venue change but Mike and myself are still in!
  9. Victor91

    Pack bait

    Yea I didn't want to move away from oats, just looking for a cheaper alternative. Might just start adding sweet feed to make a single oats container make more. That would cut down on price.
  10. Victor91

    Pack bait

    I use flavors from oneon bait. I mix the cream corn in a bucket and then the flavor. Once that's all mixed I then add the oats. Have never blanked on oats pack with or without flavor attractants. But then again I have only used oneon bait flavors
  11. Victor91

    Pack bait

    Perfect thanks for the replies. Oats pack works great near me just looking for better options to buy it.
  12. Victor91

    Pack bait

    Yea going 3 or 4 times a week is getting expensive lol I was looking into buying in bulk and wasn't sure how to use Sweet feed properly. I can get sweet feed for about 10 bucks for a 50 pound bag. Old fashioned oats I'm buying in the 49 ounce container about 4 bucks a piece and 88 cent cans of cream corn. Cheapest place to get 50 pound bags of oats is like 63 bucks. It would save but that's a lot of oats lol
  13. Victor91

    Pack bait

    Ok, so for the last few months I have been using oats and cream corn for a pack bait. It kinda starts to get expensive so I'm looking at getting sweet feed or something additional to make something Any tips?
  14. Victor91

    Carping in chicago

    My brother and I have been wanting to venture out to surrounding areas. I'm not looking to steal spots. We don't leave trash or keep fish. Catch and release and carefully as possible. If I'm in the area I'll give you a heads up!