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  1. Hey all! Well, the fishins been tough but have managed to put together a string of commons and grassies, one of which is my largest creek grassie- 20lbs!......compared to my lake PB of 46lbs......a 19-15 common's been the biggest so far....several photos wouldn't load, but caught about 80 carp since July 30th. in the creeks and lakes, including 3 different venues 20 miles away from each other in 12 hours!!!......some really pretty fish here..........waitin on cooler weather........
  2. (MO) MOCarper

    CAG Spring Big 4 - Question!

    May/June spawn, but I've found it at times frustrating as spawnin carp ignore food for longer stretches........
  3. (MO) MOCarper

    Caught a Beautiful Koi

    Good job!!!
  4. (MO) MOCarper

    Fall Big 4 2018 - Proposal

    More fishing the better!!!!.......
  5. (MO) MOCarper

    Creek carpin

    I should mention that this particular stretch of creek is very consistent throughout the year, despite being in a concrete jungle of grocery stores, car dealers, car wash stations, restaurants, etc.....but the average is usually 5-6lbs....
  6. (MO) MOCarper

    Creek carpin

    Back to the creeks-lakes are just too warm (82-85F!) and not catching any. But, creeks seem to be reliable. This week I caught two carp (6lb and 4lb) and one very nice (my biggest creek grass carp at 20lbs; compared to my lake largest 46lbs), then this evening, had a nice two hour session, catching a 10-4, then a near black 11-3 and 7 minutes later a 9-7, then nice 12-4, and ended with this pretty 6-7......one week total of 79lb 9oz!!!......my faith is restored after driving 2 hours Friday night to what I thought would be a hidden gem, but talked to a guy going bowhunting.....the shores were littered with longnose gar, asian carp but no commons...he stated there are some small ones, but i didn't have 1 hit in 8 hours!!!......such an interesting season!........fair thee well fellow carpers!!....
  7. (MO) MOCarper

    Urban Pond Triumph

    Nice job!.. persistence pays off!!!
  8. (MO) MOCarper


    45 and I'll take em....................
  9. (MO) MOCarper

    And the carpin continues!

    Hey all!!! Well after zeroing out at multiple local lakes, I got my groove back in the creeks!!!. In just about 5 hours, I caught 7 carp...more like what I'm used to!!......subtle bite worked wonders on straight sweet corn for four fish and 10g method lead with panko and hair rig for the others, but also hooked on subtle bite for 2/3 of them-one did actually run!!...It had rained this morning, not flooding the creeks, but making the creek murky and likely the carp were less shy......the 10lbr ran up and down the creek for 10 minutes before being able to land him! After a disappointing weekend, in which I caught NO CARP, I needed my fix and it helped lift my spirits and confirm my corn, pack bait and technique still works!!....to heck with lakes, eh?.......so 5-10, 2-10, 6-10, 8-8, 9-0, 2-8, and 10lbr!....the 9lbr appeared to be a pre spawn female, and is the darkest carp I ever caught!. I had seen her against the opposite bank with her back out of the water-I'm assuming she did this routinely and simply got her tan on for spring break!!........good luck all!!
  10. (MO) MOCarper

    carpin continues!

    Well, CAG Big four is over, but carpin isn't!.......my son and I went again last night and we each caught a 20lber!, plus this 5lbr!.....the spawn is over here and hoping the carp turn on feeding as its been tough.........
  11. (MO) MOCarper

    Are Boilies Overrated

    thanks John!..........(always love your videos!!).......I did use the commercial cork balls, but can't any small enough to make it practical I either had to put too much on to hold, or too little and it cracked off ..... hadn't used a commercial pop-up mix.....do you have suggestions? I chopped up some cork stoppers (I don't drink though ) and it Thanksdidn't work...... hadn't tried a cork insert-that may be the best!!!....and yeah, probably not using enough cork...... Thanks!!!...........
  12. (MO) MOCarper

    Cag big four for taylor suedmeyer

    Hi ian Ive asked nathan and wilhelm to load my sons fish, as the leaderboard usnt allowing it- he caught one monday and tonight- we placed them on the post your pictures here forum- his name is on the leaderboard.... thanks a bunch!... kirk
  13. (MO) MOCarper


    ooops, uh, nope, I had 1057 lbs last year during CAG BigFour, so a little short and won't make that up!...........or will I tonight?...hmmmmm
  14. (MO) MOCarper


    Well, with 1 day to go, and fishing being terrible, I managed my last couple fish to break 1,000lbs for the CAG tournament!-this last 11lbr yesterday came with temps in the mid 90s and no wind!......one hit, one fish on a homemade boilie which made it even more special!!!............91 fish, 1,006 lbs for an average of 11lbs/fish!!!.....my personal bests, as well as about a dozen grass carp with my personal best of 46-13!!......especially after a disastrous week of losing gear, tennis shoe soles, a rod (left unintentionally for the next angler (:)- fortunately not a carp rod, tackle, an isolite from my bobbin, 5 swims in 36 hours, 3 hours apart, etc. etc.....may even try tonight........great tournament!- who else can say that the top ten finishers of a freshwater tournament averaged 25lbs for 4 fish!!!!!!!- no-one- Congrats to all!!!!