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  1. (MO) MOCarper

    Team List!

    should have clarified- if someone needs a partner, let me know!. I"ll pay my way!...........and i ketch carp
  2. (MO) MOCarper

    Post your Big 4 Photos!

    Great job again!!!...
  3. (MO) MOCarper

    Team List!

    Congrats all!........I've missed the deadline cause I didn't have a partner............if someone does, please let me know...........I ketch carp
  4. (MO) MOCarper

    Post your Big 4 Photos!

    As well you should be!- good job!!!...........I'm still fishin, though catches are spotty...............not going to make 1,000lb unfortunately............
  5. (MO) MOCarper

    Post your Big 4 Photos!

    Fabulous job to both of you!........what's the water temp?
  6. (MO) MOCarper

    Post your Big 4 Photos!

    Nicely done!!......The other doesn't look too shabby either!..............
  7. (MO) MOCarper

    Post your Big 4 Photos!

    and just one more....from the new swim- 17-10, of the five fish, caught there this week all are over 14 lbs.....hoping for some bigger!!
  8. (MO) MOCarper

    Fall Big 4 2018 - Regional Awards

    Ok- here's mine so far! Competing in the Midwest Region 20lb 6oz Common; Kansas; Region II 10/18/2018 20lb 2oz Common; Missouri; Region II; 11/1/2018 20lb 1oz Linear Mirror; Missouri; Region II; October 1 2018 17lb 10oz; Common; Missouri; Region II; 11/4/2018 Total so far Big Four 78lb 3oz.... not done fishin, but this could be it!....... I'll only post if I catch heavier ones; more towards the end of the CAG Big Four....just so excited to fish!..
  9. (MO) MOCarper

    Post your Big 4 Photos!

    Those are ridiculous!!..Good job!.....finally found a swim that I've fished 3 of the past 4 nights; caught 4 fish averaging about 16 lbs, including this last one at 20-2 caught last night. Gonna cut it close for another 1,000lb again, but its still fishin!!!........ and here's some more catches this past week......
  10. That was a great night- WOW those are fantastic!!!! Well done as usual!!!
  11. (MO) MOCarper

    Post your Big 4 Photos!

    Well, not as impressive, but 5 fish in just over two hours, all in mid to upper teens or a 20lbr (sans one that got in the way :)), it was a nice evening for fishing. Tried, and was successful with the green glow corn on the hair....we will see how that plays out over time!......so's a 20-6, 13-6, 16-8, 1-0 and finished with a nice 14lbr. The 13-6 jumped clear of the water 3 times!!- exciting these poor mans tarpon.
  12. (MO) MOCarper

    Post your Big 4 Photos!

    Can you call that a leather?- didn't think we had them here............well done, very well done Jerome!!!
  13. (MO) MOCarper

    The Lake with the best fully scaled mirrors in USA!!!

    Thats crazy!!!.....well done!
  14. (MO) MOCarper

    Post your Big 4 Photos!

    OMG!!!!!!!! thats a GREAT ONE!!!!