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  1. Yea, I agree- I used grass stems all the time for the sweet corn, but now use the plastic stops for the fake corn- grass stems don't work well as you will lose the majority of your fake corn when you hook a fish.....too expensive (or I am cheap :)).................
  2. ok -same as before; 193 NE Beechwood Court Lees Summit, MO 64064 Thanks!
  3. Hey Iain! your email says "can't receive emails".................FYI.............. MO
  4. That's gonna be tough fishing without any water!. wish I could go but will be at conference....... MO
  5. I started with sweet corn on the hair, but after losing it either to fish, weakening off the hook, etc., I gravitated to fake corn. I haven't seen a difference, and it save time and hassle of constantly replacing it, especially at night when you simply can't see as well. I think the carp "mouth" the fake corn and get hooked easy enough. The key is placement of your pack bait where the carp are; my packs consist of either a strawberry panko, bird seed, sweet corn, lemon panko, or soybean panko, but will shortly try using condensed milk with sweet corn juice to mix the pack.....MO
  6. VERY WELL DONE ALL!!!!!..........always look forward to each issue!!!.........................MO
  7. EXCELLENT!- Really takes some expertise to cultivate corals- good job!....... MO
  8. Though it was boiling outside (98F and 105F heat index) I decided to try one of my most consistent creeks, and ugghh- very high and muddy, but, I was here and had an hour, so why not. AND one hit, one fish and wow, wow, wow!- this one shone 10 yards out- a large (10lb) Ghost- almost snow white- called him Casper and let him go-great fighter and just a nice quick set!.........My best ghost by far!!..........
  9. So, the IGFA has grand slams for "popular" fish species (Bass, trout, inshore saltwater fish, etc.- three species in a day, 4 species in a day, etc. ). I had some time at a conference I was presenting at in Utah, so I got a guide and we went dry fly fishing, and nymphing. Well, I caught a bucket -list fish my brother and I only dreamed of- Grayling!!!!... We always thought we'd have to go to Alaska for them, but I caught more grayling than any other fish, in creeks no one would think held fish....The day proceeded with rainbow, cutthroat, brook, grayling and the trip ended with a fair number of brown trout!!!......Interestingly we found a chunk from the middle of the body of a very dark carp- no head, no tail, floating in the river............. an eagle or osprey maybe................within 48 hours of returning, just had to go creeking for carp though, and, uh, cattin too!... .....oh, and the conference was good too!.... MO
  10. Hi all!!!..... Well after a short trout trip in Utah (grayling, brook, rainbow, cutthroat and browns), came back to creekin-new spot, and less than 15 minutes, had 3, lost 1, then constant action for the next 2 hours!!! AND 3 DOUBLES (only took 2 rods)....biggest was 12-2!!! I've never been skunked in the creeks that I can remember, so if your sittin there reading this or looking out your window, GET TO THE CREEKS and CARP!!!....Life's too short!! Sorry if the videos don't come through!! IMG_0771.MOV IMG_0919.MOV IMG_0919.MOV
  11. Ummmm, looks like a grass carp to me Nanook. Good job!!!
  12. WHOA!!!!!!!!!! One fish and you win the Big four!!! MO
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