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  1. Welcome to CAG!- you will find all of the tips and advice right here!- You are in a good spot- Texas has the numbers and sizes to keep ya happy!!!...... MO
  2. It is great to be in the stands watching this unfold!!......I on the other hand haven't had the time or places to fish this fall. It actually makes each session more important though, and, in the end, fishin's fishin!!... Great job again!!!!... MO
  3. So.....the start of my CAG Fall 2019 started with a blip....fished a local lake where I had caught fish up to 26lbs, but alas, lost one in a snag with the rig- carp 1, MO 0, then hooked a solid 8-10lbr and it ran along the shore into a snag and was gone, carp 2, MO 0, then hooked a little guy, brought to shore but off at the bank; carp 3, MO 0. Hooked a 4th and final smallie and was off halfway to the shore; carp 4, MO 0.....so............went back to the creeks and caught 6 fish, my first CAG fish at 8lb, 13-8, 8-6, and 12-0, and a little 5-6, but of all things, a bighead carp!-wouldn't have believed it, but hooked like a common- this is a small creek but it eventually runs to the Missouri. This was the only hit on a panko, dried bloodworm pack bait, and it beat the daylights out of me and escaped!..........so, my four didn't even cross 45lbs!!!.......oh well, just getting started.... MO
  4. WOW- And I haven't even started fishin!!!! :0 Well done all!... MO
  5. Well..........not going to touch that total, but WELL DONE JEROME!!!!!!
  6. heya- I paid, but my names not on the board.........can't download the logo either,but Im at conference,so can't fish til next week anyway....I'll pay again just to make sure? MO.
  7. Hey Ian I renewed, then registered, but I don't see my name on the board. I am at conference this week and can't fish till next week.....can you check for me? thanks! MO
  8. .........they were just looking to make money-didn't know anything about the rods, fishing, etc., If they did, you'd never see them again....so I doubt they're damaged, and you may just recover all of them. I'd check all your tackle/bait shops as well..... Just maddening!.....Unfortunate, as they likely have/can afford cell phones, a car, tools to open the garage, etc. so they didn't "need" the money, they just wanted more. I could almost see if a person stole a rod to fish for food/family-My brother and I give away rods/gear routinely to people/kids who really need/can't afford but also to people "just for"..........so sad. Good luck!!!....... MO
  9. Yea, I agree- I used grass stems all the time for the sweet corn, but now use the plastic stops for the fake corn- grass stems don't work well as you will lose the majority of your fake corn when you hook a fish.....too expensive (or I am cheap :)).................
  10. ok -same as before; 193 NE Beechwood Court Lees Summit, MO 64064 Thanks!
  11. Hey Iain! your email says "can't receive emails".................FYI.............. MO
  12. That's gonna be tough fishing without any water!. wish I could go but will be at conference....... MO
  13. I started with sweet corn on the hair, but after losing it either to fish, weakening off the hook, etc., I gravitated to fake corn. I haven't seen a difference, and it save time and hassle of constantly replacing it, especially at night when you simply can't see as well. I think the carp "mouth" the fake corn and get hooked easy enough. The key is placement of your pack bait where the carp are; my packs consist of either a strawberry panko, bird seed, sweet corn, lemon panko, or soybean panko, but will shortly try using condensed milk with sweet corn juice to mix the pack.....MO
  14. VERY WELL DONE ALL!!!!!..........always look forward to each issue!!!.........................MO
  15. EXCELLENT!- Really takes some expertise to cultivate corals- good job!....... MO
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