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  1. Now those are two of the most beautiful and largest ones I've seen!- great job under tough edge conditions!!!!!
  2. New member

    .....and, I'd throw in fishing creeks, even the small ones-in the winter, the holes, in the rest of the year anywhere along the creek, especially slack water below riffles........some really strong runs-more so than the lake fish-they're simply better conditioned.........good luck regardless!!!...................
  3. New member

    Congrats Tony and welcome to the forum!....I'm sure there are plenty of Ohio members that would be happy to share some spots and tourneys with ya!..........
  4. carp season is starting!!

    Always carpin-sometimes the best in the winter!- no crowds, one with nature.........though many times it's right in the middle of suburbia!....gotta keep practicin!
  5. Franklin laws

    With deepest respect Franklin.............go catch your PB on the other side!...............
  6. winter carp fishing

    Hey all!! The weather finally warmed in KC so I took the opportunity to take a stab at one of the very few open water access, which is a reliable, though smaller-fish venue. Set one corn-rig, and two hair rigs, and viola!- this beautiful 4-13 golden carp- it fought like a summer fish and just before netting I thought I had a mirror, but alas, not to be......still, nice to get out -only a couple months til ATC!!!!......hope everyone had a great holiday season!!.......

    .....and, I don't know how you'd supervise it, but a dry sling weighs less than a wet one-(water itself is 8lbs/gallon!).......so I'd recommend zeroing the weigh sling every time........
  8. Bernie Haines

    Though I didn't know him, and barely heard of him, I will miss him as well.........................I'm sure he's fishing his dream swim!!!.............................
  9. Sharp hooks??

    I've been a little more careful about hook points, though I haven't gotten into the mode of sharpening hooks very often but I have used Jeromes technique of placing the hook eye in the pack bait. I usually catch up to 10 carp a session, and I've lost very few fish, and hooked nearly all, but, even if I'd only ever lost one, it could be my PB!..............so I think I will start sharpening like Brookesy. My question would be-don't you weaken the hook point with too much sharpening?.........
  10. FFF 2018 - Your Winners, Awards, and Prizes

    Just wanted to take this opportunity to thank all the participants, Emilio, Evan, Nicholas, Keith and Kris, fellow CAG members and officers who have graciously given their advice, suggestions and support for this first full year of carping!!., and to my family, whose support allows me to pursue the greatest sport fish in the world!!!! ....Without the organizational efforts and tenacity of Frank Rink in particular, this wouldn't have been such a memorable event!!- thanks again all!!!.........On to the next humbling event- ATC 2018!!!!.........
  11. Simple anti-tangle technique

    Prepping for the FFF, and carpin in general, I was continually frustrated driving to a swim, going through the woods, etc. and getting my rods tangled; whether in the car or walking to the swim...........I don't like putting my hooks off my method feeders to the hook holders, or line guides on the rods-it damages the hook point, bends the shrink tubing and puts pressure on the line at the rod tip-sooooooooo, I tried a simple, simple thought-I looked for little nylon bags to cover the hooks, but after not finding any, I used zip-lock sandwich bags-simply placed my method feeder/hair rig in the bag and zip-lock....no tangles, no hooked on brush, etc.!!!......worked well hauling gear for the FFF!!
  12. Sorry all- I wasn't official with my submittal; So.... a little sand, a little tumaric powder and a black peppercorn!!!....viola!! Cyprinus carpio sando!.... :)....... Wm. Kirk Suedmeyer Kansas City, Missouri
  13. So.... a little sand, a little tumaric powder and a black peppercorn!!!....viola!! Cyprinus carpio sando!.... :).......
  14. MOCarpers 2nd Big adventure!!........ Wm. Kirk Suedmeyer, Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas It began innocently enough….my second FFF!!!.....It was quite the challenge, or so I thought last year, driving across the state to fish in a marina cove. This year, I had two lakes, and two creek holes to pick from, one of which was a creek just 2 minutes away from home!- this was going to be fun and easy!....uhhhhhh but nope. So I title this MOCarper’s 2nd big adventure! I went to the local creek several weeks before FFF, at midnight. I set up my pod, two poles with hair rigs on method feeders with panko and fake corn…Within 90 minutes I caught four small carp. I WAS SET! Unfortunately, the forecast couldn’t have been worse for January 1st- It was to be -12F with wind chills of 20-30 below 0!...Yikes!, I’d better ramp up my game! …..There was going to be some fierce competition, but I really just wanted to better my results from last year………So…….it did drop to the predicted temperatures-I hiked to my spot close to home, in late morning and, ummmm, the entire creek was frozen!! The silver lining was a bald eagle eating a frozen catfish on top of the ice!- I still can’t figure out how the fish got there and the bird immediately flew away. Here’s a picture of the partially eaten fish!!!.. Both (all for that matter) lakes were frozen, so it left just one creek hole….I drove a couple miles, walked to the hole and WOW- it was totally clear of ice!!! Yeaaa haaaa!!.....So, to prepare further, I went to Lowes and bought a propane tank top heater with a 20lb tank…..ewwww, that’s a little heavy (that’s foreshadowing … J ). Re-tied lines, made panko and readied the van; dressed as warmly as I could, placed toe and hand warmers, and I was off!!. At 11:00pm I went to the spot- the hole was about a ¼ mile away…no problem-I’d take my wagon for one trip, then carry the propane tank (and a little buddy heater too) next. I had to carry the wagon across the creek twice to get to a small gravel bar-no small feet at night! I set all my gear up, and it was 11:50…hmmm, I was feeling ok so I left the propane tank-not a good choice…. An hour into fishing, I had a couple hits, but didn’t land any…..then, unbeknownst to me, my waders had very small holes, which chilled my feet….I reeled up, and hiked back to the van at 1:15am….uhh-oh…..an SUV pulled up next to the van-police?- no……my wife and fellow CAG colleague WOW- what pleasant surprise- warmed up in the car, then grabbed the propane tank and headed back…….it was a very long walk in -25F wind chill and -4F temps!!....I hiked back (keeping my zip-lock bag of panko under my shirt to keep it warm and spread scent in the water), waded the creek for the 3rd time, and set up the 32,000BTU tank…..and….one of the two heads wouldn’t light!!! AND- somehow, I lost more than ½ of my panko- the bag was upside down, and panko trickled out while I hiked back..(funny now as I followed the bait all along my hike, during the day, but it wasn’t funny at the time- I was getting truly cold!!! The other lit ok, so I set lines and waited, and within 20 minutes I hooked my first carp of 2018!!.....As I reeled in near shore, the fish lunged upwards, and FROZE to the edge of the ice forming on the water!!....I use my net to break the thin sheet, slid the carp into the net, placed my phone/camera on my little tripod, then turned to get the carp, and-the net had frozen around the carp!!....I freed it easily enough, weighed, photo’d the fish and got it back into the water ok……My first fish!.. ....But, I was in trouble now- the wind kept blowing out my little buddy heater and now the second burner wouldn’t stay lit…..I hooked another fish, but it snapped off-still can’t figure that one out, but…..I had to pack it in, which was a feat…. Got home at 4:20am and woke at 6:50am to get my sunrise photo! Then, back to Lowes to return the heater-got another one, and went to two other creek holes, but alas, they were frozen solid as well!......so…….back to last night’s hole. Only this time, it was daylight, and 6F- yeah!!....and, this time, I went to the opposite bank and slid down the 90 degree bank cliff to the gravel bar-wasn’t going through the creek again! Followed my pack bait trail back to the creek- a Hansel and Gretel type of tale J………This time, though, the heaters worked, I had more pack bait and was set to go!........Caught my first fish- a battle cause it kept diving under the ice edge and I feared I’d lose this one, but, able to land, weigh and photo it, then released. A very fat football 13lbr-the fish was bigger around than it was long!!......and then, another beauty, this one more like the creek carp I catch-very long and strong. A little easier to land, though the net kept freezing within minutes….and then, late in the afternoon, a great hit, but, I set my drag too light on my spinning gear, and instant bird nest!!!-I couldn’t reel any line- the line somehow wrapped around the reel knob!! I had no choice but to remove the knob, which allowed the handle to fall off, and the carp was making its runs!.....somehow, I got the line free, the birds nest corrected itself, and I finally landed this wonderful fish!!- a 19lb 13oz great fish!!!! While I landed it; a gentleman watching on the cliff bank, stated one simple line- “that’s hard core”… J…..I paused, and had to agree!... J…… What a fine ending to a great, but brutal FFF 2018!!...... congrats to all; thanks to my wife and family thanks for the support, tips, and advice to all who’ve helped me in my first full year of carping!.....Hope you all have a GREAT NEW YEAR!!!.................
  15. FFF 2018 - Post ALL Carp Entries/Captures here!

    and finally!- one of my nicest carp ever!-just so pretty, dorsal fin up and well-lit pic!!!......comes in at 19lb 13oz!!!....and wow, what a fight and series of complications, but landed, then released her!! Wm. Kirk Suedmeyer 19lb 13oz 4:15pm