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  1. Well done!. I like the level of respect you how for the fish!
  2. patience grasshopper..............carp will come...........
  3. So...fishin's pickin up!!........in just a three hour session, caught a walleye (yes a walleye!) two channel catfish, and a plethora of carp- some of the strongest fish!-13 fish from 13 to 21-6oz......the waters' warmin. up...won't top the East coast fish, or Codys massive leviathan, but its still great!!!!.........good fishin all!!! MO
  4. So....I posted my most unusual catches on carp rigs a couple years ago- a Chinese mystery snail (Jerome I think you had one too) and a gar, but this tops it all!. My first fish of last night was.... A WALLEYE!!!. I knew this lake was stocked with them. I wasn't reeling in- I had 2 yellow fake corn on a hair rig and a 3os gripper lead with a combination of soybean meal, panko, sweet corn and birdseed-tightlined 50 yards out. Hit like a carp, but as I reeled it in close I thought I had a bass, but no-this 2lb walleye!!!!! CRAZY. I travel to Minnesota yearly to catch walleye and pike!- now I have the best of both worlds and have to travel 50 feet!!!!!.....bet the walleye circuit never used this combo to catch walleye!.......my thought (in the clear water) is it saw the corn move and hit it.........they don't eat bottom stuff!!.....I released it as well (they're very good eating!).........
  5. ...yep, I've had those days......I'd like to fish with Cody, sounds like me!!!. I'll fish 36 hours straight-no sleep, eat, etc. just waiting on a carp!!!!!!.........posting last nights haul in a few minutes!.........
  6. I find the creek carp are much longer, leaner and stronger than lake carp, even some of the newer lakes off creeks have longer fish. hard to see in pictures, but creek carp don't have the percent body fat as lake carp do; they're more dense and heavier on a inch by inch basis. It makes sense - a fat creek cap is not going to be able to swim effectively!.....:)
  7. yep-then its pretty much all night fishing!-much cooler and no one around!..........
  8. Well done!!! VERY WELL DONE CODY!- That is an AMAZING fish!. Congratulations to both the student and the mentor!- Fish of the YEAR I'm guessing.......MO
  9. What a pretty mirror!!!!! good job!.....
  10. Couple a bigger fish- 22-2 and 21-1....loaded with eggs!!
  11. I didn't up until 2 years ago, and now almost exclusively-gives you more freedom to roam a little. I have simple bite alarms and remote alarms, but the latter are not as sensitive/bulkier in my opinion......................
  12. ...................and one hit, one run, one fish tonight- an even 21 lbs .........on a brand new pack......
  13. Nice to hear that! Naw, I haven't chummed with boilies, though I've had some success with homemade boilies. I do chum boiled corn with canned corn.....I've never fished for carp at lake 33; there are inumerable venues in the state and we have a very strong department of conservation.........I'll take the limitations in consideration when we fish!...........I'll try to get a fishin organized this year some time!......... Here's the only fish of the night- a 21-0!....the other was a 20-10.............send me some pics!! MOCarper
  14. Hi Nanook! Yes, I grew up in St. Louis, but live in Kansas City, Missouri. WELCOME!!! Refreshing to see another CAG member!. I can tell you the Busch Wildlife area in St. Charles has fish up to 30lbs in lake 33; though I have never fished it. (I do go on mostly wild goose chases across the state whenever someone says they see 20-40lb fish in this lake/that lake :)). The Missouri and Mississippi are full of carp-just watch the flooding we seem to have every spring-any backwater is going to have carp. I have not fished the Meramec for carp. I have fished sunfish lake and spanish lake in North County- fish in the teens, and has buffalo, but nothing larger but haven't fished them numerous times. Creve couer, Mallard lake in south St. Louis county hold plenty of fish, including grass carp into the 20s, but that's about all I really know. I am planning a "Tournament of Inches" sometime this year-it is difficult to find enough carpers who will travel-Missouri is a large state, so a central location would make more sense, but I've had relatively poor success around the Columbia area and have been contemplating having it as an internet competition..... If you make it up to Kansas City on occasion, there are numerous venues around here-I like fishing the creeks-they are full of carp up to 21lbs-much denser, stronger and longer than lake fish! Anyway, please keep in touch!-this is a great forum and there are numerous expert carpers here- you will learn a lot from some of the best in the world!!!!........Kirk
  15. WOW!!!!!!! My best session ever!- in between drenching rains the past several days, took a 4 hour session behind the house- landed 15 fish- no losses, no catfish, and finally broke through 20!....totals were 12-5, 15-0, 13-4, 16-15 (double), 16-4, 15-5 (double), 18-2, 18-0(double), 14-2, 13-7, 14-12(double), this nice 20-10!, 16-0 (double), 16-4, and my last one during rain and just before midnight at 14-2!!......What an incredible night!!!!!!!!!
  16. ok- agree!- finished a short 4 hour session but upped my big four to 20-10, 19-1, 18-4 and 18-2 so far...... (and a 12-1) mirror..... .
  17. Hi Rich! Don't know ya/haven't met ya, but I'm right there with ya- I don't have facebook either, and recent events in social media confirm I never will!- peace of mind dontcha know!..
  18. My largest common (19-1) and mirror (12-1) (caught the same night so far............not getting as many opportunities to fish unfortunately, but it will pick up!..
  19. Nicely done as usual!!- you in a lake setting instead of river?.................
  20. Stayed out late two nights ago in dead calm water behind the house and BOOM!- this beautiful, 12-1 linear mirror! -the first I've caught out of the lake (but not a big four fish, its just set up that way!, then after midnight, this 19-1 that fought like its size (:), whereas the most up to this point were pretty lackluster fights-the water's getting warmer!!!
  21. Hey all! 1. I just posted my biggest fish to date and added tonight (4/27), but when I checked the leaderboard it says I added it in March! In fact, I think all the dates are incorrect......somethins wrong..... 2. I thought I might have a shot at April's 4 biggest fish (if no-one else enters there's :)), but the dates I added are incorrect 3. You are awarding the biggest mirror (of which I just caught my first of the tournament at 12lb 1oz, but it isn't close to my lowest Big Four. It may or may not be the biggest mirror, but.....how would we know?. Mine could be the only one, or largest caught if that makes sense
  22. Had nearly the same experience last two nights-carp rolling, jumping all around the area i baited (and no where else i saw)-caught two channel cats and I had numerous pick-ups and short runs but no fish first night. Last night had no fish but rolling carp, jumping carp, etc. Freaked me out so much I changed hair rigs thinking I tied -em wrong!, and................nothing......very frustrating!. I went back tonight (3rd night of chumming as well) and had one hit and run and landed a 13-2! (on the same hair I had been using) and that was the only one- just before thunderstorms moved in...(though it shows it, it isn't a Big Four fish)..........that's carpin!!...
  23. Weather is finally settling!, so migrating from the creeks to the lakes and the bite is starting to pick up!- here's a few from 6-18lbs, the two largest caught tonight .....Good carpin all!
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