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  1. CAG Big 4 Prizes - Fall 2017

    Any chance for including grasses?................
  2. WOW, WOW, WOW!!!!!!!!..... lOOK AT THIS FISH!..........I was fishing the afternoon of August 21st, when, low and behold, I hooked and landed the Missouri, ( and maybe a national record common carp!) at 60lb 3 oz.........back and forth, back and forth trying to land it; too large for the net, so I had to wade in and hand land it directly into the sling............Only able to get this one picture at 1:09 pm..................hee, hee, hee.......ok, so not really .............not sure why scientists said you couldn't get pictures of the eclipse with your phone- no problem here!!!....just placed it face down on my desk, took the photo, and voila!!!.......totality!!!
  3. Hair Rigs - The best way to fish them?

    I too was very disappointed in the hair rigs I had been tying, but just in the past 10 days, I tied 6 more and they are catching up to my subtle bit technique. The main difference....-I tie short (3-4") hook links to the method feeder, sticking the eye of the hook into the pack (panko, strawberry jello and sweet corn juice), as a blow-back rig with #6 Korda Raptor wide gap hooks, and bingo, I've caught a half dozen carp, including an 11-11 grass carp today (in a slough off the Missouri river), in the past 10 days, as opposed to more than 700 carp in the past year, with 2, yes 2!! carp on hair rigs, and although I specialize in creeks with the subtle bite technique, I am shifting to lake/pond fishing, which appears more conducive to hair rigs....but I'm just a newbie......tweaking the hair rig ( I was using circle hooks as well.) has been most rewarding!!...........hope this helps, but I'd rely on the master for better info!....
  4. There's still good people out there!.......I'd guess 15-20lbr!- good for them!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5kcoLBU4tR0
  5. Had 90 minutes to fish this evening and low and behold, caught two very nice, though exhausted carp........these creek fish are still exhausted after fighting the flooding we've had-fought more like lake fish- a strong run, then flip-flop..........11-11 and a very fat16-2, with one of those huge mouths!!........33 carp for the month (plus 3 green sunfish and a channel cat tonight).......... On to September!!!........
  6. Tonights fish

    Sometimes, just one nice, hard-fighting carp is all ya need!!........ 12lb 13oz creek fish........water was chocolate and high and I only had an hour or so to fish, and caught this nice channel cat, (note my youthful excitement at catching yet another catfish). Fishing was very, very slow, until this beautiful fish hit- up and down the creek, close to snags, then back, exploded at the net, etc..(now notice my youthful excitement at catching another quality carp!!)..........I've caught over 700 carp in my first year of carpin, and for whatever reason, I'll remember this one!!!
  7. Hello all!!. Weeeelllllll, we had all-time historic flooding in KC so it put the clamp on creek fishing, so I had no choice but to fish flooded ponds and focused on tying more hair-rigs, which I just hadn't refined and been successful on ( I've caught a total of 3, yes 3! carp on hair rigs in the past year and have been very disheartened, but this week has been different!.....One afternoon I caught 6 carp,(ranging from 2-6lbs) this 2lb 15oz goldfish, 2 snapping turtles, and 3 channel catfish, -one half on a hair rig, and the others on the subtle bit technique including 2 doubles! (cat/carp and goldfish/carp)......then, yesterday caught this lone 2lb 13oz carp on a hair, and today, finally, this last pic of a nice carp- 14-1, (with a squared tail) on the hair, plus one catfish and one smaller carp (~2lbs) that I didn't get a picture of........the method was the same- 30g ribbed method feeder packed with a combo of panko, sweetcorn, sweetcorn juice, and strawberry jello, with a very short (3-4") hook link, a piece of fake corn with a piece of sweetcorn and the eye buried in the pack...........worked well and gave me some confidence as I shift to nighttime lake fishing!!.......appreciate the forums and advice -it all helps!!!!
  8. Are Rod Pods Worth it?

    Even more ridiculous, but much more efficient, is the little fold-able wagons!.....I got one on sale at Walmart- I love the versatility-I can pack it, place it in the back of the van or car, then walk to most swims......I carry it across creeks and the wheels don't do well in mud, but other than that I love it!.......it collapses down well and there's a strap to hold it together.....I take net, sling, matt, 3 rods, 2 tackle boxes, vest, chair, corn buckets and waders- all fit........Beats carrying everything!!.........
  9. Are Rod Pods Worth it?

    I have 8 v-'d bank sticks from Walmart for about $2-they rust and don't slide after awhile but you can put them anywhere-I fish some very steep creek banks, and two sticks per rod works well.........I do have to say though, that I have lost 2 rods from fish pulling the rods into the water!!!.......you would never think it would happen so fast, and they were right at my feet, but alas, it happens, which I don't see with rod pod videos....I don't use bite alarms, bells, etc and I do ok.........I will probably get a pod, as I will start focusing on lake fishing.......probably good to have both!!...
  10. Nice day!- went to new swim which produced a 17 lbr a couple weeks ago behind a snag, but then floods moved in and no more snag......still, caught 5 carp today, 13-8, 10-3, 7-8, 5-7, and the last fish a 10-4oz mirror!...beautiful fish with symmetrical pattern--these still remain the prettiest carp I've caught anywhere-not sure why that is.....thanks for looking!!
  11. todays fish

    Had some time this afternoon to fish with my son, and we caught 2 channel cats, two turtles, and 5 carp, 6-4, 6-14, 7-7, 8-0, 4-6, the latter of which was the chunkiest carp we've ever caught and a great golden color- almost a goldfish!- all fish fought very hard, apparently recuperating from the flooding, these are the most beautiful fish we've caught from any swim!- no specific explanation why.....,the 7lbr had a damaged mouth, and the 8lbr has a paired split barbell, which we find commonly...................
  12. So....just before the rain ( again!) I fished my new swim- caught 4 channels up to 4lbs, lost a carp in a snag-hook pull, then caught this 12-14, but as I walked to the creek I found one pond had been flooded with carp- dozens at the surface gulping.......near dark I went to the pond and caught another channel immediately, landed this 7-4 and lost TWO more carp to straight hook pulls!.....Hadn't had that many carp in a session get away!!.........I usually change line ties every 3rd fish and hooks when they dull but these seemed ok...............waiting for the rains to stop- no creek fishing for a bit- switching to lakes!........
  13. On the bank again!

    Neither of us may be able to--------3-5 inches of rain Saturday into sunday!!......uggghhhh
  14. Unusual double!!

    What an unusual evening!!!........I have a creek two minutes by drive, from the house, with one nice pool at a bend in the creek,.......hooked this 5lbr, and had 2 other poles out. To avoid tangling I reel in the other rods, and this time, WHAM, something hit the corn I was reeling in, so I played both fish-landed this long nosed gar first-put it in the sling, then netted the carp!.....I focused on gar a couple years ago using rope lures, and have caught short and long nosed gar which are common here, but its one of my most unusual doubles!- usually a green sunfish hits the other rod(s) I'm reeling.........2 more carp (1-5 and 6-4), a soft-shell turtle and a red eared slider turtle was also caught.........that's why ya love fishing-you just never know!!.....