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  1. FFF Advice?

    In my short experience (but fishing throughout the year), the fish will hit, but everything is slower-very soft takes, minimal runs, and slow fights....I totally agree finding slack water below riffles and deeper water will help-you may pre-bait but very little-they're not going to move and eat a lot, so you want them to take your bait. Most of all, be prepared for the cold-you may be sitting a while....I have a portable propane heater, hand/foot warmers, etc........I also believe warming your pack bait helps disperse scent and draw fish in.......I loved my first FFF and caught fish, but be prepared!!!......a lot is weather dependent..........................good luck!!!
  2. 2017

    Those are fabulous!---great job!!!
  3. Georgia Carp USA

    Nicely done!- great fish!!....I love calm waters too!.....
  4. Big Lake Big Fish

    Thanks!.........yep, I'm a pathologic carp fisherman-just completing my rookie year!!!!!!..... ......On to the FFF!!!!!!...........
  5. NTrap vs. Coated Braid

    I use power-pro braid and like it a lot, perfecting my hair rigs on a method feeder but I use monofilament for main line.....8/15lb.... Older hairs are starting to fray, but all lines eventually do!
  6. Pretty incredible all!!!...........good job!!.....Frank- you are incredible to organize all these!.......have you thought of having just a 12-month Joliet tournament?- you could make it the 1-ton tournament..... :)............
  7. Big Lake Big Fish

    Great fish!!!.......aggghhhhh another one to compete against!...You're killing me Dave!..... ( just kiddin-the more the merrier carpers!)...........
  8. Big carp tackle

    ?.....where's that?
  9. FFF 2018 - Register Here!

    Awwwwww great!....now we have to compete against the likes of Big four winners......., just kidding- FFF just gives me a legitimate excuse to fish again (ya know, I'm in a contest, so I HAVE to fish.).......this is great to have sooo many anglers!!!!.....
  10. Todays carp

    Hello gang!! Fresh off my trial FFF run at midnight Saturday, I had the afternoon to fish in 35mph winds........which gravitated me back to the creeks. I usually use a subtle bite technique, but am trying hair rigs....just fearful of losing lots in the rocks......anywho, one pole had a panko/corn/birdseed/strawberry method feeder with 1 fake pop-up corn, one pole had a method feeder with 2 fake pop-up corn, and one pole was simply a sliding sinker above a #6 Korda krank hook.....and.......... 3 carp in 90 minutes, 6-8, 8-4, and 7-4...with no other hits/hook pulls, etc...there were 2 carp on the two-corn pop-up rig, and one, just as I was packing up, on the subtle bite rig- that fish fought for 10 minutes, up and down the creek, back and forth!- very exciting!!. had to get a face shot of that one as well!!!!....all pretty dark fish, and holing up in less then 8 feet of water in a creek no more than 30-40 feet across.........Can't say which rig won, cause it was biased with two hair rig poles.....but.............. prepping for FFF and ATC!!!..........
  11. FFF Primer

    Hi all!!! To echo Frank's call to participate in the 2018 FFF, I took the liberty to perform a pre- FFF primer, last night to show how easy it is!..........so........here's a simple step-by step process; 1. Wake/Stay up 2. Check the local time (starts at midnight!) 3. Drink (insert here- victory coffee, tea, juice, water, etc, but don't drink and drive) 4. Dress appropriately 5. Proceed to the local carp venue which contains un-frozen (non-frozen for the North zone anglers ) with appropriate carp fishing gear- pole, reel, line, hook, bait 6. Proceed to insert line/bait into carp venue 7. Reel in carp 8. Obtain photo of you and carp, preferably a time stamp on your picture 9. Release carp 10. Rebait and fish; repeat steps 6-9 over and over until 11:59pm January 2nd 11. Record and send in your photos on the thread Frank has set up ( thanks Frank and CAG for having this!!) 12. Follow these modified steps 1. Thank your uber drivers 2. Dress appropriately for a good nights sleep 3. Drink (see above) 4. Check the local time 5. Fall asleep By following this simple 17 steps on January 1st 2018, you too will enjoy the comaraderie of fellow CAG members as we start off what will be the best carpin year of all!! I followed these steps exactly, and low and behold.......... I was already awake. The local time was 11:40pm December 2, 2017. I drank one swig of tea. I dressed appropriately. (these I found were all easy steps) I proceeded (with the assistance of fellow CAG member and wife) to be dropped off at my venue....(it isn't safe to leave the car there). The water was un-frozen. I proceeded to place my terminal tackle into the water. I caught carp at 11:50pm 4-4lbr; 12:10am 3-0lbr; 12:21am 3lb 4oz, and this 4lb 8oz at 1:00am-thats my BIG FOUR FFF fish. Then I enlisted the local uber driver (my son and fellow CAG member) to retrieve me from the venue. I followed the modified steps and was asleep by 2:00am and now back to work at 6:00am..........good luck all!!!....be safe... ( I really don't look like skeletor ,,,ummmm, wellll.......)...thanks all!
  12. Self Photos with Your Smartphone

    great job!- move back just a bit to get you in the pic too-keep in mind at night that if you move a little, the image will be blurred, as the phone is trying to gather as much light for a sharp image, but there isn't enough light, even with the brightest of lanterns you may still get a grainy picture-here's a couple examples....one at dusk, no supplemental light, one with my headlamp on (that's a no-no too-gives aberrant lighting) one a little underexposed, but sharp, and another pretty good one, maybe just a bit blurred.......
  13. Cold weather baits

    Same thing here, but be patient-they'll hit, just not in the numbers you see in the other seasons.....I went back to creek holes-the deeper ones on bends in the creeks-they are there-haven't seen them walk onto land yet
  14. Finally got a break in the weather, though the bite is slow.......earlier this week caught a nice 6-14lbr on a nice creek run, then today a couple average catfish, and these two!- A beautiful 5-8 mirror, and this 11-8 common.......slow fighters but nice sunny day!....all on hair rigs-even the creek catch. Lookin forward to FFF, though still trying to pick my venue......