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  1. Great issue Dean, well done mate. Love the potential for 'Around the Globe' to put an international spin on angling, personally I always turn to the International Carper section of Carp World first! Maybe Dave Moore could tap up TDP for a feature, love his descriptive ramblings :-)
  2. marcus

    Strawberry Fields

    Pictures of the 40
  3. I had $850 of K-1 bait shipped to Canada and got a $120 import bill with it - expensive boilies :-) Come on Canada, get making decent bait!
  4. RSPCA (Royal Society for the Protection of Cruelty against Animals) Classic!
  5. Gotchya - thanks buddy!
  6. Willem I always used to log in and check new content, but I'm continually offered 'no new content found' despite changing the sub tags like past day, past week etc. It's really frustrating, any ideas how I can re-establish this?
  7. I don't even live in the country, and I'm a member and have donated in the past because I like the values CAG stands for, and I hope to spend my retirement (in 30 years!) fishing all the wonderful waters that will be built over the next 30 years. Maybe I'm a natural born optimist, but you Americans don't know how good you've got it
  8. If the issue ever made it's way across to the UK, I too would think it's amazing Bill!
  9. Apparently you have to pass a lie detector test before you're given the prize........ honestly!
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