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  1. Guys It is with a bit of regret that we as a business will be pulling out of the CAG Business Supporter programme. After the CAG Presidents recent posts it is quite obvious to us as a company, that our support is not required, we have obviously in the past had some unpleasant dealings with the group............Unfortunately we seem to be one of the few who are not aware of this. We thank you for you patronage of our website, and hope it will continue in the future. We will still be open for business and items will still be available to you guys. We will just do our 'advertising' elsewhere. Thanks and best regards Karl & Tami
  2. Just added a link to the 4- piece Wireless alarm features page, after a couple of requests for more information on the alarms...... HERE Scroll down to 4-Piece Digital Alarms and click on ' Click Here" or CLICK HERE NOW Thanks Karl
  3. A few things added to the SCORPION TACKLE site. Including 2 more top quality hook patterns, and other stuff. I will be adding some pretty high end rods in the next couple of days that have just arrived, they sell in Europe for over €225.00 We will be knocking spots off that price Also coming next week (When I can get the photography done) landing nets at an awesome price!!! Check out the new stuff HERE Thanks Karl & Tami
  4. Guys In accordance with our policy to bring you what you are asking for, we have put a simple search facility on our site. We have had dozens of requests for this as the site is getting harder to navigate, it does the job in a simple way, I will be searching for a better one, with advanced settings, to put up as soon as possible. I will be making some alterations to the navigation of the site to simplify getting around it, in preperation for several new items that are now on their way from Europe. We are hoping to have many new products on the site in time for Christmas. Thanks Karl
  5. Guys Just added some Drennan Carp Floats to the site>>>>> HERE I have been using the Target Carp Float in 24 gram size, and they are very impressive floats, plenty of weight to get out to distance. I used the other waggler floats in the UK regularly until I moved over here, I use them on the shallower venues I fish now. Top quality floats at a great price............Check 'em out. We have secured a deal with a leading European tackle manufacturer and have made our first order with them, so........................ Many, many more great items coming soon!!! Karl
  6. Paul The link does not work for me Thanks Karl
  7. We have Tiger nuts back in stock HERE. Not the whole shipment, just a couple of hundred pounds to make up for a wrong shipment. The main shipment should hit our shores in about 5 weeks or so. Those will be XXXL too. Huge nuts!!! Thanks guys Karl
  8. Guys CAG t-shirts, badges, decals and licence paltes have been added to our store. Take a look, the t-shirts are top quality. CAG MERCHANDISE Karl
  9. Our shipment of t-shirts with a new design (Thanks mate!) is now available. T-SHIRTS Great Prices too! Some of the Lonestar guys will recognize the character!! Karl (Honorary LCB Member!)
  10. Guys and gals We just received a shipment containing a lot of gear to 'replenish' our dwindling stocks, many of the items that were out of stock, are now available again. Plus there are a few new items to check out. JUST ARRIVED! The popular Big River Pod is back in stock, HERE and we have plenty, so they should last a while. To the guys who had items back ordered, some have already shipped yesterday, the rest will ship on Monday. Thanks for your patience. Karl
  11. At last we managed to get a shipment through the dreaded US Customs. I personally picked up a large shipment of gear today, and am currently adding the stuff to the site. A lot of the items that have been out of stock for a while now are now in stock, the Big River Pods that somany have enquired about are back in and we have a lot of them, so they should last a while now. Method feeders, swinger kits and much more have been updated as Back in Stock. There are still a couple pof items that remain out of stock, but we have a couple more shipments on route containing these items, so it will not be for much longer. Also a lot of new stuff to be added in the next week or so. To the guys who ordered stuff, when it was Out of Stock, I appreciate your patience, the back-orders will be going out tomorrow and Friday. Thanks Karl
  12. Guys We have just added JUMBO Tiger Nuts imported from Spain to the site.... HERE You get a choice of pre-prepared or raw. Also a new HOT hempseed that a few customers have been having great success with lately........When I say it is hot, it is dangerously hot!!! Also for you Home Boilie Makers a 70% protein sardine & Anchovy fishmeal, great in your Boilie base mix. Superior to the normal Whitefish fishmeal which is usually 45% and 60% protein. Use at up to 10oz per pound in your base mixes. Thanks Karl
  13. Guys ('n' gals!) We have just received a HUGE shipment of PVA items, including the very popular Flavored PVA bags in Strawberry and Pineapple flavors. HERE Full PVA mesh sytems are also now in stock............ HERE Check out these prices!!!!!! Also due to the large volume of PVA we have just received we have been able to reduce pricing across the board on ALL of our PVA products, including Distance Bags, Rocket Bags etc. Some prices have been lowered over 30% Also a very large shipment is due in within the next few days, so we will be updating all the time now, keep checking back! Don't forget our EXACT price shipping policy too HERE Thanks Karl
  14. Guys The Pop-up Tiger Nuts and Artificial Bread are now back in stock!! HERE We were having trouble keeping up with demand. For those guys who had these items missing from recent orders.........They will be shipped Monday morning! Thanks Karl
  15. For all the guys who have contacted us, (And those who have been waiting!) I have finally got the pricing on the new model Delkim Ev Plus Bite Alarm. Check the prices HERE. All alarms, indicators, receivers, and cases are in stock, but as I am heading out tonight for the SW CAGI, I will not be shipping anything out until Monday morning......Sorry! Karl
  16. Here's a few more items in the New Items 2 page. All new artificial baits! Check it out guys. Karl
  17. Guys SCORPION TACKLE have just received an order of Artificial plastic baits, so I have put the very popular Pop-up Maize back in our Artificial Baits page HERE. We also received other new artificials, which I will add as soon as I can. Hopefully we have ordered enough to last a while this time!! Karl
  18. Guys Added just a few new items to the site HERE Check out the prices!!!! I was going to put the Delkims on the New Items page but I thought they deserved a page of their own! DELKIMS Lots and lots more to come as I can get them uploaded. Thaks for all the kind words guys, it means a lot! Karl
  19. We are please to announce that SCORPION TACKLE are now selling the Delkim range of electronic bite alarms. This range of alarms is universally regarded as one of the best bite alarms available. Please see the range HERE We expect the pricing on the new Extra Value, EV Plus Alarms shortly. Please contact us at sales@scorpiontacke.com for ordering, and exact shipping costs. We have also just received several new stock items and will be adding these to the site in the next few days Karl
  20. Guys A lot of people have been enquiring about the luggage, umbrellas, bivvies, bedchairs etc.........They are currently in US Customs awaiting release! We have however added some artificial baits HERE, and will add the aforementioned gear as soon as it is released and photographed. Still a lot of stuff on the high seas too!! Karl
  21. We have SOLD OUT completely of the Eco Pod Kit. There is another shipment in transit, we expect it in the next 2 weeks. Sorry guys, we had no idea the response would be so phenomenal, we only ordered 15 of these pods, we will not make this mistake again. Please bear with us, we are new at this, and are still learning. Thanks Karl
  22. Guys We have added a few more items to the Scorpion Tackle site including: Stone weights A couple more Marker Floats and controller A page containing full rig kits A page full of baiting needles and drills We also tried to tidy the Navigation Bar up a little as it was getting messy Plenty of items still to add and our big luggage, bedchair, bivvy, umbrella order is in US Customs now, just got to get all the stuff through and we will be adding these items. With regard to the tackle requests we have been having.......We are trying to source all of these items, it isn't easy ........people have requested all kinds of different and obscure things .........But we will get them for you guys. Thanks for all the support guys, we appreciate it. Karl
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