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  1. Mark Once again you seem to want to make this about personalities I am telling you that if you present your argument in the correct way you will reap the rewards........... I would just love to give you the example we are working on at the moment, and have been behind the scenes for sometime now, but unfortunately cannot run the risk of someone trying to throw a wrench in the works, so will wait until all the tee's are crossed and i's are dotted before letting the cat out of the bag!!! But you can rest assured had we taken the same "Swimming upstream" attitude you espouse , we would be no further on than when we first started. There is a lot to be said for the Presidents attitude of catching more bees with honey!!!
  2. Just not so Mark.....It is in the way you present your argument that wins or loses people They do Phone, they do, it takes time, but present it in the correct way and you will change minds...... The best way to change minds is to be informed yourself, just trying to convince people without being informed correctly yourself will never work..........get yourself informed, show them that you are knowledgeable, and you would be amazed what can happen..... Trust me I speak from experience here Trying to bash people over the head with tons of stuff regarding how good carp are is not the way, you put peoples backs up straight away......get informed, get facts, quote facts, show them that there is another side to the argument and back it up with facts and you will be surprised what can be achieved
  3. Yeah he did MM, but he didn't say which weekend!! Patience grasshoppper!!! These things take time!!
  4. Scott Got to be candidate for post of the year so far!!
  5. Then surely your post was off topic Something you have elevated my warning level for in the past!! But to answer your last post, I don't see anyone bashing me, so who or what were you referring to in your post??? K
  6. Mickey Your post really shows that you are so out of the loop where the magazine is involved!!! I have nothing to do with the publication of the magazine, in any way shape or form......Despite what some will have you believe!!! As for crying ............You have that wrong too, I love the fact that some of you guys bash it, it illuminates the fact that some of you are not truly about promoting the sport!!! And me highlighting it makes it so easy for others to see it too. So please continue, with your words of wisdom. Karl - (uscarppromagazine contributor and sponsor) P.S. And before you preach about me and CAG you should realize I guarantee that I have done more to promote CAG in the past than you have or will ever do!!!
  7. It is quite amusing to see this UK v US perspective from some, are you guys too good to learn something just because it comes from a guy based in Germany, France or the UK?? I ain't too good to learn from anyone, no matter where they are in the world, and if they want to write for a US based magazine, I say more power to them and thanks for trying to educate those of us in the US who are not to proud to learn from an outside source. The US originated articles are coming, like everything things take time (Surely CAG members can relate to that! ), hopefully some of the US based guys reading this will see the real meaning behind some of the posts and decide to contribute rather than join the few knockers!!! Or are there other reasons you few love to bash on it??
  8. Hey Tim Looking forward to seeing your smiling mug gracing the cover some day mate!! K
  9. Why would you take a beating then Rod..........???? Most people see your post for what it really is!! Excellent read again Dave......It is coming!! Huge congrats mate!
  10. Kev Nice vid. Dave Smith (Smifster) and I witnessed the same thing in Idaho at Blackfoot res, the surface was alive with fish in front of both of us, directly above where we had baited, the rest of the lake around us was flat calm with no signs of fish. Dave got some good video footage of it too. There was what seemed like hundreds of backs and lips sticking out of the water for about one hour, then they got their heads down. It was cool as it gave us chance to get a bit of breakfast down us. K
  11. Wow!! Good to see you back Phone, I was only just posting on another forum about how I missed your posts. Glad to see you are still around Karl
  12. Scotty I have been hearing that for a couple of years now!! Really looking forward to it mate! K
  13. "In pursuit of carp and catfish" by Kevin Maddocks A really great read, some funny stuff, with some great photographs from the 'early days' of carping as we know it.
  14. This was a great video.........I really enjoyed this one. My missus very nearly bought me a Aqua View for Xmas with a recorder....I talked her out of it......Seeing this I wish she had just gone and bought me it. Very impressive
  15. "Casting at the sun" by Chris Yates........Classic!!
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