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  1. Catch and release at its finest , hopefully we will see her come out at the 60 mark in a few years time :-)
  2. Nice write up Mario , love the pictures too
  3. Nice fish Matt , well done mate .
  4. I would just like this opportunity to thank everyone that came to the NJ fish ins this year , hope everyone had fun . Myself and Laurence will be stepping down on jan 1st from being co chairmen in NJ , we both feel that it's time to let some else take up the reins with fresh ideas and venues . Thank you to everyone who has turned up and made the fish ins a great social event . Mark
  5. Would have been a great day I'm sure , shame about the heavy rain flooding the river with tons of weed . Couldn't keep on the bottom for more than 5 mins , before heavy weed dragged the rods over. Hopefully we could do it again in November ?
  6. Looking forward to getting back on the river tomorrow , hope we have a good crowd turn out for the Donaldson park fall fish in :-) Mark
  7. Sounds good Miguel , will be nice too catch up mate. Anyone else making the trip ??
  8. Sounds good Matt , will be nice to have you come along . Looking forward to fishing mercer at the next fish in . :-)
  9. You can also try DOD ponds it's a wma that allows over night fishing and holds a good head of carp into the twenties , ive heard good things about the Salem canal as well. I haven't really fished any other places down that way apart from DOD , I would check out the fish n game web site as there is a detailed list by county of water bodies and what species of fish each one contains. Keep a look out for the fish ins that myself and hairigger have included on the Cag calendar , those events are a great way to meet like minded carp anglers whom don't mind suggesting venues and tactics. Feel free to pm me or hairigger anytime and hopefully we will see you at one of the fish ins this year . Mark
  10. Looking forward to seeing the other parts pawel , glad you lads had fun :-)
  11. Good luck on Saturday pajo , hope you guys do well on home turf :-) , same to you Miguel tomorrow , have to see how you guys handle the Danes :-)
  12. Just going to bump up again weather is looking good , anyone fancy beating John and Kim to there regular fishing spot :-)
  13. Nice one Matt , couldn't be more pleased for you mate , well deserved fish for sure . :-)
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