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  1. Steve,

    It seems you now have both my fish from PI on the bank!! Nicely done and congrats, once again, on the new PBs!

  2. Love the personal pic. Who were you giving the "Shocker" to??

  3. I like my steak alive.

  4. Lot's of fish, lot's of 30's to high 30's. All held way out and over my head.
  5. Guys, I have been field testing this great new bait. The results are stunning! It comes in "loaves", and is made by several companies, like Sunbeam, Wonder, Stewards, etc. Amazing stuff. Once it becomes public, I will start bulk sales on here. Again, this new bait is the real deal!
  6. Will it also be at Wackerbaits?LOL Cant wait. TX.
  7. Looks like a puppet. Hey, good deals Paul....
  8. Yo Rob, Ill be up your place next weekend (fri-sat-sun nights), lets talk then.. Please PM me details about costs/night for rooms there...TX!
  9. Paul has been doing that on a very regular basis. THE #1 reason he is tops in the USA. Tops.
  10. Can you send any freebies up here? Maybe Ill try and make some too...LOL Good luck.
  11. Nice design! Im still waiting for me Smackdown shirt though..LOL
  12. No Karl, it didnt sound very convincing....sounded like a load of chat!!
  13. Sean says "Thanks Brian"...LOL
  14. Im sure he wasnt a REAL paylaker. Those that Ive met certainly dont seem to fit that mold! Sorry to hear this Sean, all the best.
  15. Check your PM box you ninny...
  16. Hmm, PB's are the measure of an anglers ability Karl? Ill ask Missy that one... Or me....or dad, or Vinny, or Keith, or Tommy, or .....
  17. Yep, it held both Karl and I....strong too.
  18. Thanks Paul, Lets put it this way. Paul said his Obsession would attract carp and stimulate feeding, it did that.' Paul said his boilies were good stuff, they indeed were well made and caught a forty. Ill take his word on this one too.
  19. Are you implying ME? I calls them how I sees them.
  20. Jeheeeesus Chris, you win..LOL t@&@..LOL
  21. Now, Chris, will SPECIALIST TACKLE ever go into Shimano? Cause, WACKER BAITS does, and I know mr Pezalla will definately back up those great reels with great service. Diawa's? Not this thread...LOL
  22. Len, You mean WACKER BAITS, with mr Paul Pezalla President? Good news! Im sure they will be very well and reasonably priced, with the same genuine and true service one expects from WACKER BAITS!!
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