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  1. Frank, im out for Sunday. Just got the word that im going to work. I may stop down later on to see how things are going.
  2. Im in if there's no work Sunday. I will know by 600 pm friday.
  3. Frank, I will not be able to attend the july 28th event at bicentennial park. I will see most of you in a few weeks at the walters cup on the white river. Good luck to everyone this Sunday.
  4. Work should slow down by then so add me to the list for the 27th. I will get ahold of tony sladek since he doesn't frequent here to often to see if he's interested.
  5. Cory b has a 12-8. None of these results are official or complete.
  6. So far a couple fish.....cory b has 2 in the 8-10 lb range, jacob has a 13-9 and myself a 9-12. A few other anglers have lost fish to the weeds and snags. For those who are interested, I will post updates till my phone dies.
  7. Welcome mr. Paul wells you are the next on the list you are in, due to the fact tony sladek has dropped out for unforseen circumstances
  8. Chalk up one for Indiana if that's the case!
  9. I guess that means there's a new pig hunt champion this yr! Larry all you're repeat titles are slipping away :-)
  10. Tracy, please add tony sladek and mike olinger to the list for diversey. Thanks
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