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  1. Ken, So very true! Definitely regretting it, but at least it gives me an excuse to buy all shiny new kit!:) All the small bits and pieces that you collect over the years is the part I really wish I still had. All those little things add up and it’s hard to justify the $ for buying 20 different types & sizes of leads “just in case”!
  2. Hello All, New resident of Upstate South Carolina area and former member of CAG. I am getting back into the scene after a long time out. I live in the Simpsonville/Five Forks area just outside of Greenville, SC. After selling off most of my equipment on this very forum sometime around 2012 (which I now regret), I am getting back into the swing of things and rebuying everything! I moved from central NC to the coast and didn’t see much opportunity to fish for carp due to location and life changes. Now I am back inland and looking forward to exploring local waters for some hidden gems her in the Upstate. Feel free to get in touch. Would love to meet up and fish, chat or whatever about carp. P.S I am a Brit expat who has been in the states since 2003.
  3. Zach, Thanks for the reply. I paid a similar price for new ones. If they perform like you say and how they look, they are a steal for a "big pit" reel. Thanks Dave
  4. Zach, Very nice vid, well done. This ones a bit off topic, sorry. I noticed you have Okuma Axeons on your rods. How do you like them? I just got 2 and they look fantastic, but i havent had chance to test them out yet. They feel very nice though. Tight Lines Dave
  5. Nice Pics. Lovely River, Looks very "carpy"
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