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  1. thanks for putting the time into this, enjoyed very much.
  2. great fish Scott..had to bum some whiskey maize last weekend..it was catching great.
  3. great fish man. congrats
  4. hello all, my name is kyle and ive been carp fishing since i was around 14 y/o. been around c.a.g for about five years and have fished with some of the best guys in the sport, as far as im conseried. i mainly fish the hudson river and large ny reservoirs. ive fished conn and mass and look foward to going back out that way again soon. anyone around my way feel free to get in touch with me for a session always enjoy new friends.
  5. can you let me know what kinda hook links you have, i may be interested..thanks man

  6. use that sea robin's belly on your bucktail goodluck on your nest trip out, get a nice 10 pound doormat.
  7. i used to cast to them all the time with the mister twisters why i was smallmouth fishing, i caught maybe 1 out of 1000, mostly they just spooked and took off.
  8. when i was youger and fished for smallmouth alot, i caught lots of carp on small yellow mister twisters, they would swim them down and take them, i caught a few on roostertails too, a few different colors.
  9. the bottom rig looks great. for my liking, the top rig, the bait is to close to the hook. but itll catch fish. i just like abit of a gap, like the bottom rig.
  10. i always thought mid day with cold weather, but last december we caught at night, early morning, and when ever else, i geuss if you got the bait out there they stick around. not every deep wather either, maybe 8 - 12 feet in a very large river.
  11. nice job guys, glad you all had a good trip.
  12. no, not at all. this time last year was mid 30's with heavy winds everyday.
  13. start with a good depth and bottom, sand or gravel. start baiting the spot up every other day or so. seems like this fish have there mind set on one type of food and your gonna have to get them used to baits. id start with around a 8 inch leader, size 6 hook, 3 - 4 ounce lead.
  14. 20+ hudson may 08 may 08 caught about an hour apart april 09 came to the net almost a year later, and was my first 09 hudson fish Ken "carpinken" also caught this fish in may 08 a few weeks after i had it out.
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