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  1. I got it today! Great magazine! I notice is lack of advertising and you might make some money from advertising and classified. Maybe something like 50 cents per word for classified. Overall the magazine is great!
  2. Yes, time for other state! Too much carp pressure in IL and I heard good in CT. Minnesota is something different and first article about carp fishing from In Fisherman Doug stange is in Minnesota so maybe contact him.....?
  3. Wow! That's a lot over 20lbs! Whats the biggest?
  4. I live in Dixon and water is up about 2 days ago but water is pretty good in shape! I don't fish and I go to see some of my friends there!
  5. I know that renewal membership and I cant find it until now you tell me that.... I clicked on HELPCAG.PNG then it said Sorry, you don't have permission for that!
  6. I was CAG member and now I am going to join CAG then I clicked on membership and it said Oops Something went wrong so how can I join membership and where can I pay to? I tried email but your email is different that I cant!
  7. Big 4 fish is lot of work! I like my idea plus smallest carp is good idea. Funny carp angler pictures like carp jumped out of hand and person's face like scare, or person fell down to lake and all pant mud, etc. FAT GIRLS IS GOOD IDEA! I am sure everyone like to see BIG Koi! I heard that Koi can grow as big as 4 feet!
  8. Best color Koi Best good look and thick body Mirror Carp Best looking big Common Carp BIG Koi Monster Goldfish Funny Carp angler
  9. Heres my vote ....I forgot to make check on vote!
  10. Hard to vote ... many are very close tie! Kentlake is my vote. Hairwig is top that make me feel sick! Carpaholic125 is my vote for most freak fish.
  11. Look like you might win but I feel very bad for poor fish!
  12. Carp is cool so Gar, too! 100,000,000 yrs prehistoric fish! Chicago River is over 100 miles long and never freeze in the winter. Stock alligator gars in the Chicago River would be cool!
  13. Hairwig .....Thats terrible! X-Files agents will come to check on your lake! I hope that you dont release those sick fish! I would throw it out to the woods!
  14. Hard to believe to see all photos and put all together call Carp Freak Show!
  15. Saxmatt... funny! funny guy get bonus! kenlakecarper ..... fish look good and the tail is pretty bad! Jerome ....ugly mouths! wow! Maybe it hooked several times in the past ...?
  16. Here's 14lbs 14 oz one eye carp but healthy from last month! The fish come from the Chicago River.
  17. Happy Birthday to you and enjoy your special day!

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