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  1. I only knew him a few years but we were friends. And we drank only his best!!
  2. Went cod and haddock fishing last weekend and caught some nice fish on frozen, uncooked and unpeeled shrimp 25-30 count per pound. Man did they hit those baits hard and no dogfish either. Cod and Haddock
  3. I don't kill anything I don't eat either. However I think sometimes some people go overboard on the way they express themselves discussing carp care. With the millions of carp that are harvested commercially or shot buy bow hunters, or thrown on the bank by misguided bass fishermen, It appears not to affect the #s of carp available to catch. I get threatened by YouTube viewers who think we are carp murderers because we stand up with them for the picture. Carp are very tough and one shouldn't feel guilty if less than 1% of all the fish you have caught some how die or are injured. If you are rea
  4. The Bite Me Bait Co will be holding an International Carp Tournament in Haverhill, Massachusetts, on Water St September 18, 2010 All CAG members are invited as they are every year. Any Carp Bait & Tackle dealers send your advertisement to me to be displayed during the event. It's a no cost tourament to enter and I have received confirmations on some European fishermen and women. Come and join us. No freshwater license needed but you must register to fish saltwater. Registration is easy and a link is posted in the NE section of the forum.
  5. When the "boys" in the white coats come, please go quietly.
  6. Way to go Capt. Tenacious. This weekend I will attempt to pull a carp out of a hole. Ice hole that is. Gonna give it the supreme try. Then I will have my first of 2010. Keep plugging Hoochmen!
  7. I think I registered. But I don't read Spanish of Portugese well, YET! But I will. Nice to see your forum. Elmer
  8. I still need to learn alot about carp fishing and mud walking.
  9. 投げ 国内 中国 中部・北陸 エコパスタジアム 天竜川 弓ヶ浜 袋井市 静岡県 鳥取県 大林裕幸 日置淳 横山武 草野満
  10. Very nice fish. I look forward to my first grasser.
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