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  1. Another great and appreciated issue!
  2. Way to go! All of the catch and release carp anglers I know here in Indiana leave the bank cleaner than when they arrived, and I'm sure most CAG members everywhere do the same.
  3. In weedy conditions I like to use a pva stick mix to protect the hook from the weeds, as well as adding extra scent and attraction. Also, I use a lead clip in order to dump the lead if it gets loaded-up with weed while playing a fish. Korda makes both and they have videos and articles on their website showing how they are used. Hope this helps. Good Luck
  4. Could be your favorite swim someday...
  5. "Big fish, big bucks and big fun — what's not to like about an outing at a carp fishing pay lake?" For me, there's plenty not to like. These fish have to come from somewhere, and removing the largest ones available from public waters to run a private gambling racket is not very consistent with the idea of carp being promoted as the "World's Greatest Sportfish". The mortality rate caused by over stocking these tiny lakes only leads to more over stocking...a never ending cycle. As wild water carp angling gains popularity, the destruction of the quality of the fishing caused by the commercial fis
  6. Thanks! Look forward to reading it this evening.
  7. That's a lifetime memory, that one! Congrats!
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