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  1. I just wanted to thank all the CAG members and followers for their loyalty and business this past year. May you & your Saxon rods never tire of landing fish, your Spombs keep them feeding and your Delkims never fall silent in 2014! All the best to you and your familys.
  2. In stock at BCT http://www.bigcarptackle.com/store/product.php?productid=19082
  3. The long awaited Midi Spomb is finally here! The Midi weighs about 4.5oz when loaded and will be ideal to cast on most carp rods with test curves of 3.00 + It shares all the key features of the Mini & Large Spomb and will be an excellent addition to the range. We think it will soon become the best selling of the Spomb range! Please note that we have been able to secure better pricing on the Spomb range and have adjusted the retail prices effective immediately. Large: $19.95 Midi: $17.50 Mini: $14.95 Dealers should have them in stock next week.
  4. And just in case anyone wants to know how effective Betalin can be... http://www.gofishing.co.uk/Angling-Times/Section/News--Catches/General-News/900lb-Linear-haul-for-Tom-Maker/
  5. Still time to post those Betalin captures...
  6. Here is a great opportunity to win a $50 voucher to spend on Saxon Tackle items... including Spombs, Saxon Hexalite Rods, Delkim Alarms etc. Simply post a photo and brief story of a carp you've caught using Betalin on the Saxon Tackle facebook page between now and June 30th and you'll be entered to win! Hinders Betalin is a unique natural sweetener with added Betain - a known carp attractant. Betalin is available through Big Carp Tackle and Resistance Tackle. Link to Saxon Tackle Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Saxon-Tackle/119629731380752 Open to residents of North America only. Learn more about Betalin... http://saxontackle.com/?page_id=1833
  7. The new Delkim catalog is now available on line... http://www.delkim.co.uk/virtual-brochure.php
  8. I thought I would share this amazing photo from Tackle Trade World of a Spomb just hitting the water... Please note that while the Spomb is available in both black and white colors we only import the White into North America as the typically higher summer temps over here can make the black color units open prematurely.
  9. Well the first batch sold out in just a couple of days... more on the way! Here's a video teaser on how Betalin can be used... http://youtu.be/OH26CstQyvw
  10. Congratulations to Jeffrey Crowe of Williamsburg WV. You will be receiving a Saxon hexalite 2.75 rod as the most recent winner in the CAG new member draw!
  11. Awwww shucks guys thanks for the kind words I'm blushing! Developing a carp rod has certainly been a fascinating & rewarding experience, especially taking on quite a different direction from the current Euro style fashion for faster taper rods. The overwhelmingly positive feedback we've received on the Saxon hexalites durability and ability to handle the amazingly powerful carp that we find over here (without pulling hooks etc) has made it well worth all the effort. We've now started to find a growing market in Europe where anglers are finding that many of the casting sticks simply cannot handle the not so tame carp - especially outside the usual 'stock' pond environment. More interesting is the fact they are choosing the lighter test curve rods compared to North America. Once again thanks for the kind words and to the many of you who have chosen our rods. Tight Lines for 2013 and beyond!
  12. Here are some great Delkim accessories to add your Holiday Giving and Receiving List! http://saxontackle.com/?page_id=360 Check out the Baseball caps, Fleece Hats, the New Smart Clips or the Colored Hard Cases - they make ideal stocking stuffers. If your dealer outlet does not have them in stock just ask them to have them drop shipped or PM me. And how about a Delkim Insulated Mug for these colder months?
  13. Delkim have launched a new ES version of their successful NiteLite Pro and DuoCarb items The ES refers to a shortened cable (only 6.7" instead of 10") for the NiteLite and a shorter (4") fixed length DuoCarb. This follows the growing trend in the UK & Europe for shorter bank sticks and slack line techniques. The kit includes an ES NiteLite Pro in a choice of Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, White and Purple LED's AND an ES DuoCarb and will retail for $52.95 When combined with the Delkim Smart Clip the effective 'bobbin' weight of the NiteLite is negligible.
  14. The much anticipated arrival of the Delkim Smart Clips is almost over... They will be shipped out to you favorite Delkim stockist next week - place your orders now! Each pack includes 3 Smart Clips together with attachment 'O-Rings' and retails at $22.95
  15. There is nothing like a hot drink to keep you warm on these increasingly chilly Fall days... and better still when its in an insulated Delkim mug for $12.95! Available from your Delkim dealer outlet And don't forget to keep your head warm with a Delkim fleece hat for only $14.95! Fish not included...
  16. Here's an in-depth review of the Saxon hexalite 3.25 rods with Dynamite Field Consultant & top British and now USA based carper Craig Parkes. Not only did Craig take a string of big fish but also landed himself a new USA PB at 40.06 You can either follow the link or download and read the attached file. http://saxontackle.com/?p=1782 SaxonReviewCraigParkes.pdf
  17. Here's an in-depth review of the Saxon hexalite 3.25 rods with Dynamite Field Consultant & top British and now USA based carper Craig Parkes. Not only did Craig take a string of big fish but also landed himself a new USA PB at 40.06 You can either follow the link or download and read the attached file. http://saxontackle.com/?p=1782 SaxonReviewCraigParkes.pdf
  18. After a prolonged wait the much anticipated Delkim Smart Clips have been officially launched! Simply attach the Smart Clip to your rod and clip in the line to create the perfect "V" to support your hanger, bobbin or other line indicator. No matter what the rod angle the indicator will positioned to give the maximum sensitivity and bite or drop back detection. Smart Clips are tangle free and can stay in position while casting. Allows perfect adjustment of the line angle for maximum sensitivity and bite detection Smooth strike release - no risk of line catching Mounts quickly and easily to almost all rod diameters with a flexible band Stays on the rod when casting Allows micro adjustment to increase or decrease the effective bobbin weight Works the ALL makes of bite alarm, hanger, bobbin etc - NOT just Delkim! Available from your favorite North American Delkim outlet. Retail: US$ 22.50 for a pack of 3 Smart Clips inc 3 'O'-rings Special Introductory Offer: Save over 10% if you order before Sept 30th for only $19.99
  19. I think my position on the 'commercial' side would be seen as a conflict of interest...
  20. The flyfishers moved over to the 'free' UsCarpPro forum and now account for 60-80% of the total forum activity. Shame to see them go and I think its a B-I-G mistake not to make access more 'freely' available to them on CAG. It is estimated that there are 500,000 folk fly fishing for carp in North America. We could certainly do with their input and support if we want to further the sport of carp fishing as a whole. And if we are lucky a few might even pay the $25 to join CAG...
  21. Savayman


    Same here... seems fine now.
  22. Me neither and my email is up to date...
  23. Stubborn will always win through... well done everyone involved!
  24. Here are some great reasons to add some imitation plastic baits to your kit... - On their own over method or pack mixes they make an ideal 'pick-up' - Especially with soft baits or boilie pop-ups they help keep the bait on the hair or the hook. - In combination with the real thing they can provide a balanced bait effect. - The bright fluorescent colors of the imitation corn can be a winner for added attraction to make hook baits really stand out. - Bait Logic offer two convenient sized boxes holding a selection of Mimik imitation baits Each box offers a selection of Critical (neutral buoyancy) & Pop-Up Corn plus imitation Pellets, Tiger Nuts, Chum Mixer and Maize, while the large box has more Corn color choices plus fluoro Maggots and an incredibly realistic Floating Bread imitation. Great Savings! - Not only will you save on real bait but the Box selections of Mimiks also represent a saving of nearly 20 - 25% over individual packs plus you get the handy compartment box free! For more details and your local dealer outlet: http://saxontackle.com/?page_id=1398
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