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  1. A lot of folk have asked about getting the Saxon rods but could not quite squeeze the budget together for them... Until now that is! This is your opportunity to buy any of the Saxon models (2.50, 2.75, 3.00, 3.25 & 3.50) for just $199.95 each. I'm putting up 20 pairs of rods up for a limited period only - first come first served. Remember these rods normally retail for between $228 - $274. This offer is open to North American customers only. Buy Saxon rods at Big Carp Tackle
  2. For those who have been waiting patiently... The new MIMIK imitation bait selection boxes are now in stock at Carp Kit International and Big Carp Tackle! Each box contains a selection of imitation baits (such as pop-up or critical balance corn, maize, tigers, maggots, pellets etc) Mimiks can be used on their own, in combination with the real thing, as a boilie stop or even as a pick-up when using pack baits. They are very durable and will stay on the hook or hair and can be re-used time and again. Mimiks will also absorb flavors for added attraction! The box selections save 20-25% over individual packets of imitation baits and include a free compartment box. More details: Mimiks I've also attached a picture of the floating bread flake (2 pieces included in the large box)... the only stuff I've seen that actually looks and behaves like the real thing without falling off the hook!
  3. Saxon announces the introduction of its Mimik range of artificial baits. These stunningly life like bait imitations are resistant to attack from nuisance fish or crayfish and can be side hooked or hair rigged alone or in combination with real baits. Available in Pop-Up or Critical (neutral buoyancy) balance options they are also ideal as visual boilie stops. A choice of two Carp box sizes (Small & Large) offer a selection of Critical & Pop-Up corn plus imitation pellets, tiger nuts, chum mixer and maize, while the large box has more corn color choices plus maggots and floating bread (and it really looks like bread!). Each Mimik bait can be soaked in your favorite attractant or flavor and the pellets also have a recess that can be filled with paste or foam soaked in flavor for added success. The box selections of Mimiks represent a saving of nearly 20 - 25% over baits bought individually plus you get the handy compartment box free! Saxon website link: Mimik bait box combos Email or PM if you are looking to place and order and we'll arrange with one of our vendors. Small Carp Box: $14.95 Large Carp Box: $29.95
  4. The much heralded Delkim Safe-D Snag bars have arrived! Ideal for ensuring rod security when fishing big rivers (with rods at high angle), sideways along the bank or with clutch & bait-runner locked down. They easily mount on the back of EV, Standard & Txi Delkim Plus Alarms (as well as older units). Its simple to add or remove the snag bars and use them either singly or in pairs. I just shipped off a bunch to Wacker, Big Carp Tackle etc so they'll have them in stock in a couple of days (snow storms allowing...)
  5. There is still time to enter the Saxon Tackle competition... but hurry it closes Jan 31st! Saxon Carp Smart contest Winners will receive their choice of a PAIR of Saxon hexalite rods and there are also 10 runner up prizes of Spombs.
  6. Don’t forget there is still time to win Saxon Rods, Spombs and Delkim Snag bars… Just follow the links below: Win a pair of Saxon hexalite Rods & Spomb runner up prizes: Saxon Tackle Competition A set of Delkim Safe-D Snag Bars:Delkim Registration & Snag bar Competition And don't forget... if you already own a set of Delkims or order them before Dec 31st you are eligible for up to 50% off a set of Saxon hexalite rods. Just email or pm me for more details. A warm seasonal greeting to all CAG members and forum guests – and especially the hardcore who continue their exploits in the Winter Carp league and beyond… yer’ mad!
  7. Here's a great opportunity to win a pair of Saxon hexalite rods... Simply click on the link Saxon competition and answer the questions! There will be two sets of winners - one for North America and another from Europe / ROW. 10 Runners up from each region will each receive a Spomb. Good luck!
  8. As the water temps continue to drop into the winter months carp will continue to feed. However their metabolism and movements will slow considerably. At this time bite detection becomes even more critical... in some instances a small 1-2" line movement may be the only indication of a fish picking up a bait. Delkim's unique, patented detection system allows you to adjust sensitivity to detect not only the tiniest line movement but also line vibration (such as the 'wash' from a carp's fins as it feeds over baits). If this sounds too fantastic just read renowned carp legend Frank Warwicks comments on why he uses Delkim Alarms... "Please bear in mind I use Delkims by choice, I am not paid to say this! I have tried and used all manner of alternative bite alarms and once I got used to them and made it my business to mentally adjust to the infinite options on tuning for various situations I may encounter I found to my delight that I could use the Delkims to act as an early warning system when fish are in my swim, consequently I know when to sit on my hands and keep the swim undisturbed to await action. Alternatively should fish give bleeps and occasional liners followed by inactivity I know that I have probably been "done" so I know to check rigs and re bait for another crack! I have no hesitation in saying the Delkims have without doubt caught me fish I would have missed without them! I unreservedly recommend them." And Danny Fairbrass on why he prefers Delkims - especially over conventional roller alarm systems in cold weather... "Why do I use Delkim? Many years ago I went carp fishing with a real master, Shaun Harrison. We fished somewhere ‘up north’ and what immediately struck me about Shaun’s fishing was the ‘finesse’ he applied to all aspects, rigs, hardware bait etc. On the indication front Shaun was using very lightweight homemade bobbins coupled with Delkim buzzers, this set up was giving him indications that I simply wasn’t getting on my super slick Stevie Neville swingers and Fox roller alarms. The indications Shaun was getting were enough to show him that fish were on his baits and after changing a few things rig wise he got the only bite of the day, anywhere on the lake. That was enough for me and I purchased my first set of Delkims before my next session. That session with Shaun coincided with a session on a local water in freaky weather conditions, driving rain then clear cold winter skies, my Fox roller buzzers actually froze and stopped me getting any bleeps at all, I woke to see the left hand rod tip pulled round violently, the fish was landed but this again showed the limitations of any roller buzzer. Don't forget anyone who owns or purchases Delkim alarms before Dec 31st 2010 are eligible to save up to 50% off the New Saxon hexalite rods.
  9. A huge thank-you to our many North American Delkim customers who have helped make 2010 our best year ever - and its still only September! As a big thank-you for your loyalty and to encourage even more folk to try out Delkim alarms we are making you this very special offer... If you already own Delkim Plus Alarms or buy some before Dec 31st 2010 you are eligible to save up to 45% off the recently launched and already highly acclaimed Saxon Hexalite Rod range. Delkim Plus Txi Save 45% Delkim Plus Standard Save 35% Delkim Plus Ev Save 25% Saxon rod pricing with offer: SaxonOffer091710.pdf Not only is this an opportunity to own the most advanced bite alarm but also a great opportunity to own a truly advanced carp rod. Saxon Features: Incorporating TruCast tm technology Saxon rods help deliver accurate casts, even at range, while still providing the progressive power and feel needed to handle even the biggest carp or that catch of a lifetime! • Saxon hexalite tm 1K HM low resin blank (typically found only on $300+ rods). • TruCast tm technology for Accurate, Reproducible casts. • Excellent characteristics for playing large powerful fish. • Extra ring reduces inertia and line friction on sudden surges. • Unique butt end cap makes playing fish easier and adds security. • Tapered grip stabilizes grip for maximum casting power • Choice of 5 test curves to meet almost any fishing situation. Learn more: Visit Saxon Tackle web site Conditions: 1. This offer is available only to customers resident in the USA & Canada who already own or purchase Delkim Plus alarms from authorized North American dealer outlets prior to Dec 31st 2010. 2. Discounts apply to the RRP for Saxon Hexalite rods and exclude shipping and sales tax where applicable. 3. Customers may apply discounts based on the number of Delkim alarms purchased. e.g. If customer purchased 3 x Delkim Plus Txi alarms he/she is eligible to purchase 3 x Saxon rods at 45% off each. 4. Customers have until Jan 30th 2011 to use their discounts toward the purchase of Saxon rods. 5. Proof of purchase will be required to receive discount. 6. Customers may purchase Delkims & Saxon rods through their North American Saxon Tackle dealer outlet (we will drop ship if dealers do not have required rods in stock). For more information please email Saxon Tackle
  10. So here is one very happy Saxon Tackle customer... Last week Chris Labucki picked up his brand new Saxon hexalite 3.00 lb rods, headed straight to a local water and 15 minutes later was battling this stunning 34.12lb common Don't forget CAG members can save 25% off retail if they order Saxon rods from Big Carp Tackle before the end of June...
  11. One more thing... When you order you Saxon rods you'll also be eligible to receive one of our stunning T-Shirts available in sizes M, L, XL, XXL and XXXL
  12. Angling Solutions LLC North American distributor for Delkim alarms and Total Fishing Gear announces the introduction of its new Saxon hexalite carp rods. Concept From the very start it has been our aim to develop a rod that offered not only exceptional performance when casting or playing fish but came at a price that was still within range of most anglers. There are plenty of rods on the market that rely either on lower specification materials and inferior build quality to satisfy the mass market or carry a ‘name’ to suggest its worthy of a high price tag. Instead of following the ‘pack’ we dispensed with many common assumptions and chose to look carefully at the key elements that define how a modern carp rod should perform. With the assistance of top rod designers and experienced anglers both in the USA & Europe we’ve developed a new range of rods that incorporate the latest blank and rod building technology. In testing these rods have banked an incredible number of big fish, both in the USA & Europe, giving you total confidence when it comes to landing your own catch of a lifetime. The result? Outstanding Performance at a very Realistic Price. For more details click here to visit the Saxon Website Introductory Special - CAG members Save 25% on Saxon Rods Buy any two Saxon rods from Big Carp Tackle before June 30 2010 and you’ll receive your choice of either a rebate check or credit toward future purchases with BCT equivalent to a 25% saving off the retail price for Saxon rods. Order on-line from Big Carp Tackle
  13. Another breakthrough from the very talented Delkim folk... The Delkim D-LOK Quick Release system overcomes the hassle of screwing & unscrewing your Delkim alarm to a bank stick or buzzer at the beginning and end of a session. The Complete system comprises a "SHOE" that is mounted on to your DELKIM alarm (the shoe fits new PLUS models as well as Older units) and a "FOOT" that screws on to your buzzer bar or bank stick. Once in place the shoe & foot simply 'PUSH n' LOK' together with perfect alignment. No more hassle to align and tighten locking rings etc! Additional "FEET" can be ordered to make transfer from one rod pod to another quick and easy. For more information & pricing open the pdf attachment. D_LOK_CAG.pdf In stock from next week and available from DELKIM stockists in the USA and Canada.
  14. Personalize your DELKIM Alarms. The 'domed' labels on the front of your Delkim Plus alarms and Rx receivers can be replaced with your favorite national flag. Each IdentiKit Pack Contains: • 5 x DELKIM National Flag Labels (see choices) • Lanyard with DELKIM logo • Lanyard Fitting - Fits all Delkim receivers • DELKIM White LED Torch - includes batteries • Karabiner Torch Attachment • DELKIM Vinyl Promotional Sticker • Price - $24.95 For more information and to see the choice EIGHTEEN National Flags open the pdf file below: Delkim_Identikit_Retail_Sheet.pdf
  15. Delkim FAQ Which Delkims sense line movement AND vibration? All the Delkim models (EV, PLus and Txi Plus) detect both vibration & movement. Experienced anglers using Delkims report that they are often alerted by a few beeps prior to a full run. Vibrations are usually detected when a carp is sucking up pieces from a method ball or surrounding chum prior to inhaling the bait or when it enters the area and hovers over the baits - its fin wash causing ‘tremors’ in the line. The perfect ‘early warning’ system! Delkim’s unique and patented detection system combined with the unique NiteLite Pro hanger system allows optimum bite detection while ‘tuning’ out interference (false beeps) from wind or wave action. What about a "Silent" mode? Some anglers prefer to use a remote sounder unit (Receiver). However, unlike alarms that rely solely on a receiver, Delkim offers anglers a choice - Sound at the alarm and the remote or by turning off the alarm volume control, sound only at the remote. Plus, the Delkim Rx Pro Receiver also has a vibration alert (similar to a cell phone) allowing a fully silent mode if needed. Furthermore the Rx will warn you if you wander out of range or if someone tries to steal your alarms! How long do batteries last? Battery life is an issue on many alarms. False ‘beeps’ from wave action or windy conditions can quickly drain batteries in just a few hours – imagine waking up only to find you've missed a run. Delkim’s state of the art digital electronics offer over 6000 hours of battery life – a whole season for most anglers. The Delkim Plus and Txi units also have a low battery warning ensuring you never risk missing that fish of a lifetime. What is the Night Marking mode? Permanent on the Ev and switchable on the Plus and Txi models the twin LEDs on the alarms ‘glimmer’ to allow anglers to position rods easily (between the LEDs) at night and avoids the need for hard to see betalights. When a line movement or vibration is detected the LEDs shine brightly to indicate which rod has the run. How is the new NiteLite Pro unique? Hangers are certainly amongst the most popular visual indicator. Delkim have developed the NiteLite Pro that offers significant advantages over conventional hangers. First the magnetic ball clip is not only easy to use but is self adjusting for all line types. Second the built in LED not only imitates the alarm LED function (including night marking, latching etc) but needs no battery only using minimal power from the alarm unit. Third the smooth Catflex tm cable outperforms chains and finally the dedicated DuoCarb tm hanger adjustable support option increases stability in any conditions. What about reliability? Delkim’s legendary quality, incredible 30 year history and expertise coupled with an unrivalled 2 year warranty speaks for itself. Its why top anglers rely on Delkim’s! Delkim Alarms with NiteLite Pro and DuoCarb
  16. Special Offer on premade Secret Trap Carp rigs and tubing! Developed by renowned expert Matt Hayes these pre-made carp rigs make set up easy for perfect presentations. Secret Trap leaders are created using a modern polymer coating technology over a super strong monofilament. The result is a high strength, abrasion resistant leader that comes in a choice of sink rates (using ‘lead free’ tungsten coatings). You can now be sure that your leader hugs the bottom contours over silt, weed or gravel etc to eliminate false line bites and avoid spooking wary fish. Simply choose form Clear ‘Neutral’ - ideal for shallow, clear water or soft weed, Quick Sink – to lie on top of heavier weed or silt and Extra HeavySink when fishing hard sand, gravel or rock bottoms. Easy to use, quick to set up and above all great value! All Round Leader An ideal leader for most carp fishing situations. Includes a fused looped connection for the hook length and an attached swivel and ‘O’ ring for main line. Makes the perfect Safety Leader Set-up. Click link to see Matt explain set up and use: Safety Leader Set up and Use Helicopter Rig An Innovative rig that revolutionized long range fishing! Includes link swivel for lead weight connection, protective silicone sleeve, sliding swivel with ‘O’ ring for hook length connection, adjustable rubber stop beads and a fused loop for mainline connection. Click link to see Matt explain set up and use: Helicopter Rig Set Up & Use Easy Thread' Abrasion Resistant Rig Tubing. Make D.I.Y. rigs using the same sink rate options - Clear Neutral, Quick Sink and Extra Heavy. Safer and Easier than Lead Core! For more details on the range of Leaders and a Special Introductory offer please open the pdf attachment TFG_Special_09.pdf Click here to email me with any questions
  17. Match the best looking Alarms with the all N-E-W look DELKIM shirts! These stylish, super quality Henbury short sleeve polo shirts come in a choice of Black or Olive colors, with the DELKIM logo embroidered on both the right sleeve and left chest Available in in a choice of Medium, Large or Extra Large sizes at $24.95 each Great for both Bank Side and Casual wear! When the temperatures drop you need a fleece hat to stay warm! Embroidered with the DELKIM logo one size fits all for only $14.95 Available from your Delkim USA stockists Click here for more details
  18. There has never been a better time to invest in the most advanced alarm system available! With a more favorable exchange rate Delkim Alarms and the all new NiteLite Pro Hanger and DuoCarb Hanger Support are great value for the avid North American carper! We will be holding these l-o-w prices while the exchange rates remain below 1.5 US dollars to the British pound... but this might not last long. For the latest prices email: Angling Solutions DELKIM_Plus_2009_NA_Price_List.pdf DELKIM_EV_2009_NA_Price_List..pdf
  19. Clearence list update Here is the latest list Bargain_Clear_Out_2009b.pdf Stuff is moving fast - get it now while you can!
  20. The 3 x Blue NiteLites are sold together with 3 Solar Adjusta-Ball line clips Updated list here Bargain_Clear_Out_2009a.pdf
  21. Here is a great chance to buy New and Unused items for the coming season at upto half off. For details see the attached list: Bargain_Clear_Out_2009.pdf Any questions or to order please email: Angling Solutions
  22. Just arrived and in stock! New Delkim NiteLite Pro Illuminated Hanger and DuoCarb Hanger Support system have added a new dimension to bite detection. The advanced NiteLite Pro adds a new dimension to hanger style indicators: Unique self adjusting magnetic ball line clip Built in LED mirrors Delkim alarm settings Unique smooth surface 'chain' hangs perfectly Corrosion resistant materials - no more rusty chains! LED operates from Delkim alarm - no extra battery needed The DuoCarb Hanger Support offers: Works with ANY manufactures alarm unit Universal clip accepts most common hanger heads - Solar etc Adjustable Support arm length Rigid carbon fibre arms ideal for windy conditions Quick detach makes set up adjustment simple. For more information email: Angling Soluitons
  23. Delkim have launched two revolutionary products for 2009 The DuoCarb Hanger Support is made from high tech carbon fibre and provides a rigid but adjustable length support with a quick release system that accepts all common hanger bobbins (including Delkim's new NiteLite Pro and original NiteLite). Ideal for windy conditions or for those who prefer a swinger style set-up it can be quickly & easily attached or detached from the hanger bobbin. The DuoCarb can be used on any alarm system - not just Delkims! The New NiteLite Pro brings Delkim Plus alarm users the ultimate in illuminated hanger systems. After months of research and testing Delkim have developed the prefect hanger 'chain' with a smooth outer shell that hangs perfectly and keeps it tangle free. The hanger bobbin features a unique and patented magnetic ball clip that provides the ideal grip and release for a wide range of line types and diameters and has a color integrated LED that matches the LED settings on your Delkim Plus alarm. For more information and pricing simply download the following pdf fileNitelitePro_DuoCarb_USA.pdfor email Delkim North America for your US Retail outlet. NiteLite Pro and DuoCarb will be in stock Jan 2009
  24. A great opportunity to save on these ready made rigs. Available in Safety or Helicopter format these rigs also come in a choice of neutral or weighted formats to provide maximum control. Buy any 2 rigs and receive a FREE pack of rig tubing of your choice. For more details & pricing on the TFG Leaders open the attachment: TFG_leader_Sale_Sheet.pdf Click here to email me if you have any questions
  25. Secret Trap Leaders offer the avid Carp fisher a quick and easy system that delivers the ultimate in line & leader control. Developed by Matt Hayes these unique leader systems utilize a strong nylon core with a special polymer coating that is available in a choice of sink rates to offer precision control of the leader. Clear Neutral or Tungsten Loaded Quick Sink & Extra Heavy models ‘pin-down’ the leader so that wary fish are not spooked and ‘line bites’ are avoided. Available as ready made Helicopter & Regular rigs they are ideal for a range of fishing situations. Each leader has a strong fused loop to connect to the mainline plus a Swivel & O-ring for your hook length greatly simplifying rigging and ensuring reliability. Unlike braids and other materials the smooth coatings of Secret Trap Leaders are abrasion resistant & fish friendly so they won’t lift or damage scales when playing fish. For more details: Email Angling Solutions
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