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  1. The 3 x Blue NiteLites are sold together with 3 Solar Adjusta-Ball line clips Updated list here Bargain_Clear_Out_2009a.pdf
  2. Here is a great chance to buy New and Unused items for the coming season at upto half off. For details see the attached list: Bargain_Clear_Out_2009.pdf Any questions or to order please email: Angling Solutions
  3. Just arrived and in stock! New Delkim NiteLite Pro Illuminated Hanger and DuoCarb Hanger Support system have added a new dimension to bite detection. The advanced NiteLite Pro adds a new dimension to hanger style indicators: Unique self adjusting magnetic ball line clip Built in LED mirrors Delkim alarm settings Unique smooth surface 'chain' hangs perfectly Corrosion resistant materials - no more rusty chains! LED operates from Delkim alarm - no extra battery needed The DuoCarb Hanger Support offers: Works with ANY manufactures alarm unit Universal clip accepts most common hanger heads - Solar etc Adjustable Support arm length Rigid carbon fibre arms ideal for windy conditions Quick detach makes set up adjustment simple. For more information email: Angling Soluitons
  4. Delkim have launched two revolutionary products for 2009 The DuoCarb Hanger Support is made from high tech carbon fibre and provides a rigid but adjustable length support with a quick release system that accepts all common hanger bobbins (including Delkim's new NiteLite Pro and original NiteLite). Ideal for windy conditions or for those who prefer a swinger style set-up it can be quickly & easily attached or detached from the hanger bobbin. The DuoCarb can be used on any alarm system - not just Delkims! The New NiteLite Pro brings Delkim Plus alarm users the ultimate in illuminated hanger systems. After months of research and testing Delkim have developed the prefect hanger 'chain' with a smooth outer shell that hangs perfectly and keeps it tangle free. The hanger bobbin features a unique and patented magnetic ball clip that provides the ideal grip and release for a wide range of line types and diameters and has a color integrated LED that matches the LED settings on your Delkim Plus alarm. For more information and pricing simply download the following pdf fileNitelitePro_DuoCarb_USA.pdfor email Delkim North America for your US Retail outlet. NiteLite Pro and DuoCarb will be in stock Jan 2009
  5. A great opportunity to save on these ready made rigs. Available in Safety or Helicopter format these rigs also come in a choice of neutral or weighted formats to provide maximum control. Buy any 2 rigs and receive a FREE pack of rig tubing of your choice. For more details & pricing on the TFG Leaders open the attachment: TFG_leader_Sale_Sheet.pdf Click here to email me if you have any questions
  6. Secret Trap Leaders offer the avid Carp fisher a quick and easy system that delivers the ultimate in line & leader control. Developed by Matt Hayes these unique leader systems utilize a strong nylon core with a special polymer coating that is available in a choice of sink rates to offer precision control of the leader. Clear Neutral or Tungsten Loaded Quick Sink & Extra Heavy models ‘pin-down’ the leader so that wary fish are not spooked and ‘line bites’ are avoided. Available as ready made Helicopter & Regular rigs they are ideal for a range of fishing situations. Each leader has a strong fused loop to connect to the mainline plus a Swivel & O-ring for your hook length greatly simplifying rigging and ensuring reliability. Unlike braids and other materials the smooth coatings of Secret Trap Leaders are abrasion resistant & fish friendly so they won’t lift or damage scales when playing fish. For more details: Email Angling Solutions
  7. If you are asking Santa for a Delkim alarm or plan on buying soon... Buy now! The weakening dollar is making importing gear from the UK & Europe more expensive and the end result will be price increases in the New year. Don't forget CAG members also save 5% off the regular list prices. email me for full details and prices.anglingsolutions@comcast.net thanks, Iain
  8. Delkim Hard Cases offer maximum protection for Delkim Alarms - for both Old & New models. Made from a solid 'rubber' style plastic 'Hard Cases' are water proof and ensure protection against knocks & scrapes in between sessions. An Inexpensive & Ideal replacement for the original 'cloth' style covers! Pricing and information: Delkim USA Distributor anglingsolutions@comcast.net
  9. Delkim & US distributor Angling Solutions are putting up TWO sets (pairs) of the latest Delkim EV alarms as prizes at this years Chicago Carp Classic. But why wait? The New Delkim EV Alarms start at only $84.50 The Delkim EV alarms offer the same advanced sensing technology and choice of LED colors as their Delkim Plus bretheren but at a more affordable price. They even accept Delkim NiteLite and Tx2000 transmitter options. check out the details on the Delkim Website USA Distributor Angling Solutions Tel: 860-729-0555 anglingsolutions@comcast.net
  10. Some FAQ's on the new Delkim EV alarms... Q. Do they have the same detection system as the more expensive Delkims? A. Yes- exactly the same well proven and tested vibro-sensing technology. Q. Can you add a NiteLite hanger system? A. Yes - they have outputs for NiteLites Q. Can they operate with a remote Receiver system? A. Yes - Simply add a Tx2000 Transmitter unit for remote reception. Q. Can you send a list of the key features for the Delkim alarm range? A. Sure! - email: anglingsolutions@comcast.net for full details.
  11. As if you folks did not already have enough 'toys' to amuse you while carping... Delkim have just announced the launch of a new receiver unit with a "Vibro" alert! Just imagine tucked away on those 'private' waters or a swim so hot you don't want to announce the screaming runs to the 'carp hungry' masses... Or just keep it in your pocket for the pure pleasure... The Delkim Rx Plus Pro receiver will vibrate in response to a signal from a run detected on the new Txi Plus Alarms. It hosts a bunch of other features, including ALL SIX LED colors, Clear Protective case etc. check it out - New Delkim Rx Plus Pro Link At $214.95 it ain't cheap - but sure is pretty!
  12. A quick reminder to CAG members that the special 10% discount on the New Delkim Plus Alarms ends Jan 31st 2005. I'd love to be able to extend it further but the exchange rates are 'killing' me! Get your orders in asap. Thanks, Iain
  13. The New Delkim Plus alarms have arrived and are in stock in the USA. CAG members can get a 10% discount on DElkim Plus alarms purchased before Jan 31st 2005. That's a B-I-G saving on euro tackle dealer pricing - and far less hassle You can check out the complete range on www.delkim.co.uk or email me for more details at: anglingsolutions@comcast.net
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