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  1. Hey guys, so the theme for the upcoming NACA will be "On the Bankside", having everything to do with living, cooking, prep, and tomfoolery on the bankside! If you would be willing to write something for this upcoming NACA, or just want to share your funniest story, please email us at naca@carpanglersgroup.com Thanks!
  2. Thanks Mario and Sal for all your hard work. I am very lucky to have Sal working with me on future editions. He is a lifesaver! To all, keep an eye on your mailbox for Special edition printed Winter 2013 NACA. Hope you all enjoy it!
  3. I am sure all those lakes are chocked full of carp. Just get out there and explore! You'll enjoy it so much more if you do! Pick a spot on a map and go!
  4. There has always been the option for state chairs to request help from the BoD. Not one ever asks. Never. The BoD is not stonewalling anyone here. If you want help to run a fish-in, then all you got to do is ask! That being said, I have seen plenty of fish-ins in many states. Some have prizes and raffles, others don't. In the end, they were all equally successful. You make it what you want it to be. Unfortunately, more and more people are attending fish-ins for the sole reason of trying to win something nowadays. While unfortunate, it is what it is. If you need help to run a CAG fish-in and m
  5. Good stuff Ivelin!!! Some purdy fish!
  6. American Falls and CJ Strike has big fish, 'tis no secret....
  7. Ive fished argo plenty of times for carp on the fly. Used to chase them with mulberry imitations in June/July.
  8. I hate you kids right now....lol
  9. Welcome! You are very close to DC, where there is some great carp fishing!!
  10. Awesome job! Some great guys in MI to learn from, thats for sure
  11. 2 American Teams signed up http://www.anglingspirit.com/aswp/world-carp-classic-official-global-website/event-2013/2013-official-world-participant-list-new
  12. Yours looks like it has a row of dorsal scales. Thus technically, its not a leather. Who the hell cares anyway, its a gorgeous fish! here's a "near" leather I caught
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