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  1. Same price if the name that I want on my rods are 349 letters long? lol
  2. Thats right, we need your $$$$
  3. miller park still a go? Wheres the details if so?

  4. Hey Bill, is the turkey thing still a go?

    just asking because there no talk about it.


  5. Good Job Mike,Your gonna need it next weekend at Bum park
  6. Mike, show them how to do it. You beat out 50 Boy Scouts at Mongomery you can beat all those locals in Dixon
  7. Remember boyz, the bigger the bait the bigger the fish
  8. "IF" isnt in question, "WHEN" is the answer
  9. Hey Larry, question here. Fish have to be alive when weighed in? Only reason im asking is, i have to pack up all my stuff when i catch one, go weigh it in, then go unload all my equiptment again? That could make for a long day if i catch 5 or 6 fish with increasing weights. Or risk the death of one in a keep sack or on a stringer.
  10. Hey larry, I was looking for a partner, but due to being laid off this week i will not be able to join in you and the others in your tourneyment. If things change i will let you know
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