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  1. Back when Neil Stern got me into carping about a dozen years ago, Phone was my go-to source for all things carpy. Hope he gets better soon!
  2. Sorry. Haven't been on the forum in a while. It's been a zoo around our shop the last couple of weeks and I don't have Internet at home. Have to sneak on he forum when my wife's not looking... She's the boss. The cheapest way by far to print them is in black ink, meaning the photos will be grayscale. Color gets really expensive, as you know printing the NACA. Some people print newsletters in red or blue ink, but to me photos look better in grayscale than in a solid color. Either individual 8.5" x 11" 2-sided copies stapled together or 11" x 17" sheets folded in half will work great. The folded 11" x 17" is also cheaper than the individual sheets and no stapling is required. Unfortunately, I don't have a "mail merge" program for the addressing, as we don't do any bulk mailing. But usually you can find local printers or bulk mailing places that specialize in that. Turnaround time should be only 3 or 4 days.
  3. About the junk mail... It's always fun to take one of their "Return Postage Paid" envelopes (with the postage pre-paid), stuff it full of other junk mail, and send it back to them. Maybe some day they'll get the hint. But probably not.
  4. Just got mine today in Weatherford, Texas @ Zip 76086. (January 23)
  5. I think I posted this a couple of years ago, but it is still by far the funniest (although not particularly at the time) carp fishing trip I've had the pleasure of going on. It was mid July, and because the daytime temps were so high here in Texas, Neil and I decided to hit a lake we hadn't been to before and do a little night fishing. We arrived at about 6:00 in the evening and quickly got our gear set up and a little boiled corn thrown out for chum. We had just set up our folding chairs and was starting to relax, when both our alarms went off at the same time. We quickly landed a couple of nice 8 or 9 pound carp. We had barely got our rods rebaited and cast back out when our other rods both took off. HOT DAMN! This lasted for over a half hour with several fish caught by each of us. During a lull in the action, I pulled up the radar screen on my new-fangled smartphone I had just gotten. I looked over at Neil and asked "What does it mean when a big maroon blob is headed your way?" We both turned to look at the sky behind us and it was black. I quickly got an armfull of gear to put back in the cab of the truck to keep it dry and Neil did the same. I got to the truck first and waited for Neil as the door was locked. Upon his arrival, he also became aware that the truck was locked, and that's when I noticed the keys laying inside on the console. Not good. It was at that exact moment that the flood of biblical proportions hit us. High winds mixed with a torrential rain and a little lightning thrown in for fun. We both stood on the downwind side of Neil's truck desperately trying to stay dry. No such luck. The wind would suddenly change direction and hit us from the other side. Or it would stop for a few seconds and the rain would just come straight down. Twice Neil's rod pod blew into the lake and we both ran to catch it. All our bite alarms were going off constantly. I started to wonder how long the batteries would last at that rate. Our legs from the knees down had muddy water running down them because the wind was picking up dirt and mud and blowing it underneath the truck at us. All we could do was stand there and make jokes. Luckily there weren't any trees to get under (remember the lightening?), as I could see tomorrow's newspaper headline... "Idiot Carp Fishermen Incur Wrath of God". Out on the lake, a boater was desperately trying to reach the boat ramp as his wife was backing up the trailer. He finally gave up and ran back out to the middle of the lake to ride out the storm. By this time there wasn't a spot on us that was still dry. Our wallets, clothes and everything was soaked. Luckily, both our phones were inside nice and dry. We have since determined that I put my phone in the truck and accidentally locked the door on the way out. We have both since learned to listen for the telltale "click" when getting out. It still happens now and then. After about an hour, the storm blew over and a beautiful rainbow appeared. I would have gladly traded the rainbow for a couple of rain ponchos, or better yet, a key. Since we had no phones, Neil walked over to where the boater's wife was still parked and borrowed her phone. Would you believe the local police department closed at 5:00? All he got was a recording telling him to call back tomorrow. So if you ever wanted to rob a bank, I'll tell you where to go. He tried a local locksmith and lo and behold, the man was there within 15 minutes. By the time he got there, we were back onto the fish again. The man even had to wait for us to finish landing another one to get paid. All in all, we caught over 45 fish between that evening and 9 the next morning. I guess it's true you remember the trips with nasty weather the most. If so, this is one trip I'm taking to the grave.
  6. Almost always get my stuff overnight. Excellent service and wide selection. Hats off!
  7. When I go there,the opening page works fine, but when I click on a link for any of the products, I get: "The file /usr/local/www/data/www.bankfishingsystems.com/components/com_digistore/digistore.php is corrupted."
  8. Thanks Dennis. I wouldn't stop ordering from you either way, even if I had to mail you a check. Your service is excellent and I hope this whole mess doesn't affect your business.
  9. I've got three or four credit cards for both business and carp stuff. On the only that got hit, the only vendor I had ordered from was Resistance.
  10. I got hit Friday during the ATC. While verifying a catch with another angler (a beautiful 37#+ beast), my wife called and told me our card had been used to purchase $250 from Sears.com and there had been another attempt at over $1,000 for Best Buy. The card company caught it and stopped the transaction. It is curious that so many of us have been hit within a short period of time. I wonder if any of the card companies are aware of this coincidence?
  11. Money orders are fine. Sorry I didn't see Possum's post. I'm on the forum sporadically, as my secretary, financial adviser, wife is constantly looking over my shoulder here at work. Some nonsense about wanting to make a profit instead of goofing off...
  12. Afraid not. I wouldn't even begin to figure out how to do PayPal. Personal or business checks, money orders or cash. If you're going to the ATC, I can even give them to you then instead of mailing them.
  13. The $15 includes the sales tax. If the government is lucky, I might even send it to them. Can't wait to see what they do with it...
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