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  1. a-tom

    canal session 4/21/14

    I had a very monumental session at the canal the other day as far as numbers went! I had been prebaiting this spot new spot for four days with birdseed and sweetcorn whilest spodding it into little gaps in the tree line on the opposite bank. I had started my session at around 7am and instantly had a double of some decent mid teens. I was not giving these fish anywhere to run as I was fishing completly locked up to avoid getting snagged up at all. I proceeded to catch over 20 carp all in the mid to low teens with my biggest being a 21,18, and a 17. The bait that all the fish were caught on were k-1 mullberry boosted oats and k-1 mullberry wafters in conjunction with a piece of yellow buyoant corn to make it that little bit more buyoant but the hook still stayed on deck. It twas was a fun day but not what I was looking for. The biggest carp ever documented by a carp angler from this canal is 26lbs (not by me) and I plan to spend a lot more time here in search of my bounty which is to break 30lbs from this water. This canal is only 8 miles long but just as the 26 that was caught from here was caught only in the same spot that every other carp fisherman fishes when they come here. I know shes in there somewhere! On a side note dont ask runners or joggers to help take a picture for you as they are clearly in the zone and do not want anything to disturb it!
  2. AWESOME! wish i could have made it. congrats on a healthy looking specimen
  3. id say more like magic
  4. id say ur 45 was more impressive than my 16 lol
  5. lol yeah i need a new one, this one is getting some wear and tear
  6. sure was, caught on the same bait to.
  7. nice, those are some good quality fish
  8. not a huge fish but fought like a demon both times ive caught it. 16.4oz 8-7-11 16.5oz 11-13-11
  9. that was very cool, hope to see more like it
  10. you can just tell by the head its a channel cat, the bullheads kinda have a more fatish head, but its obviously a channel cat with the forked tail, i catch a lot of bullheads and channels and its deff a channel
  11. i have that same winds of plague shirt haha nice job on the vid
  12. its obviously a bigmouth buffalo, i have no idea why your all still debating it
  13. cool fish, thats a pretty awesome pond
  14. a-tom

    July 4Th Session

    those small ponds are one of my fav places to fish, sweet!
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