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  1. Fish caught on his bait, just look at the ATC. 3 of the top 4 hauled on Andy's bait, enough said!
  2. Neil wow is just not going to cut it! Listen up guys, the 2012 ATC Champ is here! If you were like me and unable to buy baits befor The Bait Stop closed nows your chance. I had the chance share the bank with anglers that had some and it worked. When Andy started selling his bait on here, I jumped on it. I have absolutely no regret in buying it and helping him get to Austin. Incase you haven't heard, look in the pics, stories and vids section, for the thread, ATC 2012 Champs Chat. It has it all out there including what we caught on. 90% of our fish fell to Andy's baits in a sweet and spicy mix. Also Zatesta and Bailybird had success on the sweetfire maize. This won't be available forever but the bait will last a long time and keep bringing you success. Now is your chance to get a great product and support the club. Way to go Andy keep it up.
  3. For those that bought this for use at the ATC, I bought all his other special flavors so look out ! Good stuff Andy glad this worked out.
  4. I can say personally that the Wild Whiskey and Wild Peach Berry both smell awesome! The living room smells terrific!
  5. Ok i guess I'll join in. My first trip to LBL put out this beauty. Another LBL common from the ATC My favorite, My kids first Buff. We were chasing carp but its all we got. Still searching for the carp
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