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  1. I'm not a fan of digital scales. Would much rather have dials that show needle below zero.
  2. Lake was clear today. With a Regata scheduled for next weekend, I believe, that may change. You can be assured that the pegs will be taken care of. Someone has cleared lots of backside brush as I witnessed today with a scout trip.
  3. You calling me out Neil? I done whipped you once and I'll do it again!
  4. Loop if you need a net, mat, scales, keep sack and tripod, we will get you taken care of. Don't buy cheap because your in a hurry and end up buying twice. Get with the hosts to get sorted out.
  5. What exactly are you needing? The hosts should be able to take care of that.
  6. I'll get with him directly Keith.
  7. For anyone needing a extra keep sack, mat, scale or a weighing tripod, I have my stuff open for use during the event. Just post up here and let me know.
  8. Gee Texas Z that's not funny at all This year Christine's partner is quite tall! I may sniff a few buckets to see what's the plan, but better look out Lil Rick's the man!
  9. Oh Willem see this is how it goes! This tourny might get rough for team ACA as there is no pre baiting for a few days!
  10. Just make sure you watch out for the little guy! I know his dad can catch but seen him take the ol man to school!
  11. Cool! Just add a handle to a furniture dolly and you have the front done!
  12. Andy you are right about the different types of pegs. Plus you have all different water depths. I don't care how much bait you do or don't put, sometimes fish just aren't there. Conditions also play a major key, look at Fork as a example. Cold air, wind and water caused havoc on the anglers, but sunny days after the tourny played nice. There was also a Bass tourny on Fork that same weekend that had 200 of the 221 teams blank. This event is planned 1 year in advance and we can never control mother nature. A few fish, a win or only 2 shad, I have always enjoyed the company. Getting to raz the foreigners is fun, huh Andy?
  13. There's always next year, ya yank!
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