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  1. Shoot!!! Thx!!!!!!!!!. I updated the content and forgot to fix the link!! It's good again
  2. Now available to CAG Members!!!! Carp Anglers Group Magazine. Click here to download this file
  3. 165 downloads

    NACA Winter 2010-11
  4. Received items. THANKS Dave!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. http://www.carpanglersgroup.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=43624 http://www.carpanglersgroup.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=43621
  6. My son wanted me to get that. He like the "mini" rod. I had to explain to him the only "Ice Fishing" I do is out of the cooler.
  7. Unfortunately just too late. Thus making Spoon the winner.
  8. You can access your Client Area by clicking on the little arrow next to your name. This could vary based on the skin you're using. You will find our Mailing addresses in the "Overview" Area. If EVENTS come up and checks need to be mailed, we will update this area. Next is your "PURCHASES" - You'll see you purchases here like membership, showing the purchase date and expiration. You can renew at anytime by clicking on the "Renew Now" button. Members that joined CAG BEFORE 2011 will see a 2011 Purchase date for their membership. This only indicate the date your account was moved to the forum from the old Database. Expiration date is correct. Under the "INVOICES" area you'll find all your invoices, PAID and PENDING. In the REFERRAL area you'll find links you can use in your Signatures / profiles on other blogs/forums. #2 & #3 will give you just a Text Link like #1 You can also RIGHT CLICK on #1 and "COPY SHORTCUT" --> Then PASTE that into an e-mail and send to a Friend. #5 & #6 will give you a BANNER you can use to advertise. YOU WILL GET A CREDIT?COMMISION OF 15% ON ALL PEOPLE THAT CLICK ON YOUR REFERRAL BANNER OR LINK AND BUY A MEMBERSHIP PACKAGE. Last you'll find the Personal Information area. This information will be used as your MAILING information if we must mail you something, like a NACA. We are NOT responsible for the upkeep of your information. If you don't UPDATE your Information, you won't receive your mailings from CAG. So PLEASE make sure to update this are if any change of address occur. PLEASE Contact me CAG SUPPORT <--- Click HERE if you need more help on how to use the REFERRAL banners/links. Start today and let the referral banner start working for you!!!
  9. Ahh Thanks! I did not know it had stiff on the inside,
  10. LOL OK, before I go higher, what exactly is the use of these "Rig Marole Hydrolinks"? What's the advantage over normal line? I've never tried it.
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