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  1. Try now, just make 2 or 3 quick posts IN THIS tread with the word TEST. I'll delete it afterwords. In the last one tell if it works without delay
  2. I agree. I've changed the post sort to display latest STARTED Post FIRST. Working on Post delay...Not as simple seeing that it's a "Global" setting.
  3. Great idea. Let me see what I can do as far as moving the old to the bottom automatically. What do you get now as a post delay? I will see if I can clear it on this section.
  4. I'll mail em to spoon when done if he donates $25 !!!! (i believe he's working and could not compete) PAID
  5. Congrats Zoomie !!!! Ol Captain asked before he left on his trip to go catch that stinkin monster, the one BigBird is gonna miss out on, that the winner just PM him your shipping info.
  6. So far all the items put up the seller offered to pay shipping, so this was a good question. This can be done two ways. The winner can pay you and you just pay the balance after shipping is deducted. or They pay directly here, and we can refund you the shipping. Either way is good, whatever works best for the seller.
  7. To make it easy, I've added a Fundraiser payment block that can be found on the Forum Index and in your Client area under Donations. And
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