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  1. I think it's great that it's going for 2 months! However, I do concur with Iain that some "carp related divorces" are certainly something to look out for!
  2. Great job guys! As if 30 pounders aren't hard enough to catch, geez....55 pounders! Unreal!!
  3. Good Luck to all! This might be the most challenging year yet.
  4. That's pretty cool! From the Goldfish bowl to your swim!
  5. Congratulations to all the winners! Also, a huge thanks to Willem and mcwrestler for doing all the hard work!
  6. Great job on the fish! Very cool to see a young man learning how to carp fish the correct way! And like Frank said....GO SOX!!!! Go HAWKS!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Awesome write up Jerome! Congrats on the 34 pounder! Great fish!!
  8. Hi guys, I just sent my pics in to Willem. I had a great time competing this year! I figured there was no use waiting till the last minute to post pics, when I've been posting on TOKS the whole month. Once again a huge congrats to Tom Bieback on his 48 pounder, what a hawg! Not to mention all the other beautiful fish from the other anglers! I honestly feel that the winning weight will be around 150 pounds. That's one hell of a nice bunch of carp! I'm sure we'll see a surge from Robert Duprey, he always seems to come up with a few 40 pound plus fish. You can never count out Mario....especially if a long awaited return to the "monster pond" takes place! There are many others I expect to see right at the top as well! So Good Luck to all the participating anglers! As the two time defending champ, this is not my concession speech!LOL!! We've got about 10 days left.....Give it hell boys! You KNOW I will! Good Luck and be safe! Steve
  9. Great job Tom, that's a great accomplishment!
  10. Just wishing mcwrestler and Tom Bieback a huge congratulations on two beautiful Mirrors! Way to go guys!!
  11. Great fish!! That's the way to kick off the BIG 4!
  12. Good Luck everyone! Let's hope for another great spring season!
  13. Very nice! It's always nice to see how different people make bait. Sometimes the smallest detail can make all the difference!
  14. A true loss of a great person! We had some good times and great laughs! Rest in Peace Buddy!
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