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    Fishing for carp all around the world. Also enjoy salt water fishing.

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  1. Waiting for spring to hit the banks!  Need carp!!

    1. (MN) chayathecat

      (MN) chayathecat

      I fished some open water on the Mississippi yesterday (in Minnesota), mainly to try out my new home made boilies. The weather was perfect but the fish were no where to be seen :-(

    2. Arvand


      Few months man & they be on it like white on rice!

  2. Why cant we all retire at the age of 20 after high school?

  3. Arvand

    Arvandz Carp

    A selection of the carp I have caught in Canada & Europe.
  4. Seeing the results of last year, I suggest the CANAM be held either in May or early June or later in October so that all anglers have a great chance of hauling in big fish as well as high numbers. The reason I say this is to get a better global response to such an event ( Tackle traders, Bait companies, Sports Channels etc ) and maybe one day the world carp classic could be held on the shores of the St. Lawrence. I have fished LS a few times and really love the place. Strong lean wild carp that test your tackle. I think this tournament should be attracting a lot more names such as Nash, korda, JRC and so on. JMO
  5. I even have the background music if Canada wins, if we lose thats a different story!
  6. Looking forward to making it as well, even if i have to take a few days off work. I need to catch the Carp that straightened out my hook
  7. When and where ( US or Canada ) will it be this time?
  8. The count down begins, only 39 days to go!

  9. Carp fishing is the best!

  10. Wishin I was Carp fishin!

  11. Hi every one, new to CAG but I know I have joined the best. Hope to have a chance to fish with you guys and gals soon. Tight lines!

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